30 Interesting Photos That Might Give You A Glimpse Into The Lives Of Delivery Drivers

Published 2 years ago

Delivery drivers have become a very important part of everyone’s life after the pandemic. They bring everything we require to our doorsteps and sometimes even go out of their way to deliver things.

These delivery drivers travel all around the city and meet new people every day. Their job experiences are quite different from those of us who sit in front of the screen all day. The two online groups – ‘Postmates’ and ‘Couriers Of Reddit’ – share interesting photos and screenshots that give us a glimpse into their lives. Check out some of their posts in the gallery below.

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#1 I’m A Driver For Advance Auto And Every Time I Come To This Stop I See This Little Cutie

Image source: theaterofthings

#2 I Can Relate

Image source: nicnameks

#3 I Posted This On Another Sub This Morning, But I’ve Been Thinking About It All Day And Thought I’d Share It Here As Well

Image source: GoPhish82

#4 Actually Wouldn’t Mind This

Image source: vMMORTAL

#5 A Good Boy Greeted Me During My Delivery Today

Image source: leadnuts94

#6 One Of These Is A Doorway And One Is A Full Length Mirror… Guess Which One I Walked Into

Image source: reddit.com

#7 Thought You Guys Would Like This

Image source: Aribari19

#8 So This Happened To Me Today

Image source: Yawzers

#9 Not Mine, Saw It On Facebook

Image source: nowronganswersmorty

#10 This Just Happened

Image source: dodgerslakersfan21

#11 Meanwhile In Australia

Image source: OfficialMorningSong

#12 The Best Kind Of Surprise

Image source: Mattdavelewis

#13 I Started Driving For Postmates A Few Days Ago Since I Have Extra Free Time And Realized How Underpaid They Are. Had A Horrid Night Tonight So I Wanted To Do Something Nice For Somebody Delivering In The Rain. His Response Made My Night Better In Return

Image source: UsuallyDemanding

#14 Not Postmates But Lol

Image source: cash_or_creddit

#15 Saw This On Fb Today, Made Me Lol

Image source: Spirited-Size

#16 Busy Sushi Restaurant Was Awesome And Gave Me A Free Roll For Patiently Waiting!!

Image source: AvenueNick

#17 Appreciated Their Bluntness

Image source: WhatIfIToldYouThatIm

#18 So Done With People. Btw, The “Not Rdy Yet” Happened 5 Min After My First Text

Image source: yourfavphotographer

#19 There Are Good People In The World

Image source: kinkycrypto

#20 Just This. Nothing Else. Lol Loved This Order

Image source: ash08111993

#21 When You Get The First Hint That This Apartment Is Not Going To Be Easy To Find

Image source: Be_Glorious

#22 Got A Very Important Postmates Today. I Literally Ran Out Of My House On The Quest For The Puppy Pool

Image source: flandreams

#23 S/O This Customer

Image source: Reallifeonmars

#24 Make That $0.01

Image source: chkei

#46 Wish We Had More Customers Like This

Image source: Jz9786

#25 I Havent Been Able To Work For 5 Days Due To Personal Problems But I Was Able To Get Out And Do 1 Delivery And It Ended Up Being This One. This Person Helped Me So Much

Image source: LongProcess3

#26 This Is My New Favorite Doormat!

Image source: honeybadger2289

#27 We Have Fun Sometimes

Image source: vaporheel

#28 They Had This At The Door Plus Gave Me A Cash Tip! Shoutout To The Homie Customers

Image source: capnhayden

#29 This F**king Guy

Image source: kleveravot

#30 Just Got This And I Thought It Was The Sweetest Thing Ever Lol

Image source: billyek94

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