25 Funny Tattoo Fails, As Shared On “That’s It, I’m Inkshaming” Facebook Page

Published 1 month ago

Tattoos are a form of self-expression, a way for individuals to display their unique personalities, stories, and artistic preferences on their skin. However, not all tattoos are created equal, and some can be downright regrettable. That’s where the “That’s It, I’m Inkshaming” Facebook group comes in.

This community has gained popularity for its dedication to showcasing some of the most outrageous and awful tattoos ever inked. Here, we explore the highlights and the hilarity that ensues within this vibrant online space.

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#1 Last Time I Posted Something By This “Artist”, A Few Folks Were Saying “It’s Actually A Style” But Like Can Someone Explain This To Me Then

Image source: anonymous

#2 Everytime I See Her Tattoos I Cringe

Image source: anonymous

#3 Now These Are Some Tats To Be Proud Of

Image source: Mark McCall

#4 Ba Da Ba Da Ba I’m Hating It

Image source: Danielle Hartshorn

#5 Uhh, Thanks Fb But No Thanks. I Will Not Be Adding Friend

Image source: anonymous

#6 Found On Instagram

Image source: anonymous

#7 Egyptian Pink Panther

Image source: Laura Cattani

#8 So Nail Moi Wrists And Black Moi Eyesss? This Particular Jesus Swears It’s Not A Phase Mom

Image source: anonymous

#9 Everything About It

Image source: anonymous

#10 Sawtism

Image source: anonymous

#11 Found This On Instagram They Did Get A Coverup Thank God.

Image source: Aishya Pirches

#12 I Was Looking At Reviews On Dresses And Came Across This Gem

Image source: Emily Brooks Polson

#13 A Guy Is Advertising His Work… Yikes!

Image source: anonymous

#14 Oh Medusa, You’ve Done It Again

Image source: anonymous

#15 Sheeesh

Image source: Cort Campbell

#16 Well…

Image source: anonymous

#17 Um… At Least It’s Not A Case!

Image source: anonymous

#18 A Profile Picture On A Dating App

Image source: Jasmin Pabst

#19 Wtf Is This Supposed To Be? All I See Is A Distorted 4 And Of Course The Rocket Penis

Image source: anonymous

#20 Found On Tiktok

Image source: Ali Mae

#21 That Looks Like Faded Sharpie

Image source: Alissa Wigglesworth

#22 Saw This In The Wild And Just Knew I Had To Share It

Image source: anonymous

#23 Found In Person. It Was Worse Up Close.

Image source: Katie Grace R

#24 Oof.. Got A Tattoo From This Chick And The Ink Literally Fell Out

Image source: anonymous

#25 Found On Marketplace

Image source: Ali Mae

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