30 Examples Of Weird And Terrible Tattoos

Published 10 months ago

Tattoos have long been a form of self-expression, a canvas on which people imprint their passions, memories, and beliefs. However, as the saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and what might be considered a masterpiece by one person could be a source of bewilderment for another.

In the world of tattoos, there exists a realm of ink that strays far from the ordinary, venturing into the territory of the weird and the terrible. Brace yourself for a journey through some examples of tattoos from this subreddit that left us scratching our heads and cringing in disbelief.

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#1 Found On Instagram. Atleast It’s Nicely Done. But Why

Image source: illumehnaughty

#2 Yes, It Goes All The Way Around Like A Beard…

Image source: HerpesOnMyButthole

#3 Why Get A Haircut When You Can Get This?

Image source: Andvin_Valmaar

#4 Stolen From A Facebook Group

Image source: LordMinivan

#5 My Husband Made The Mistake Of Letting Our Neighbor Practice On Him

Image source: inthedarktheresnolit

#6 Local Shop Posted This On Facebook

Image source: KingOP78

#7 Wife Sent This One To Me

Image source: TheCBDeacon47

#8 What I Got vs. What I Asked For

Image source: sxmmmy1

#9 Censored The Eyes To Protect Their Identity

Image source: watzit_t00ya

#10 This Piece Of Work

Image source: SafeSexChalupa

#11 I Can’t Be The Only One That Sees It

Image source: Mint_Perspective, joaxperry

#12 Tattooed By My Girlfriend. I Love It, But Wouldn’t Disagree That It Belongs Here

Image source: firefisch

#13 Found In A Fb Group

Image source: wandpapierkritiker

#14 At Least It’s Where She Doesn’t Have To Look At It

Image source: moosemoth

#15 Thoughts?

Image source: Ok_Departure7895

#16 Butterfly Elephant Tree

Image source: 123nixon

#17 Am I Crazy Or Does The Hand Look Really Bad?

Image source: Twistedbeatz89

#18 Horrible

Image source: G6e6r6m

#19 Why

Image source: whatslifebois

#20 My Buddy’s “Wolf” Tattoo He Showed Me Last Night

Image source: DrilldoBaggins2

#21 Bro ???

Image source: macyliene

#22 First Tattoo! I Wanted Something Super Meaningful And Detailed That Really Highlights My Personality. Success!

Image source: Tabemaju

#23 Oh My God

Image source: ExtensionMedium859

#24 Just In Case He Forgot The Recipe

Image source: Ryanbo84

#25 Holy S**t…this Is Terrible, Jesus Christ

Image source: LordMinivan

#26 Biggest Regret

Image source: FremtidigeMegleren

#27 Gets Worse The Longer You Look

Image source: Christinedrink

#28 Is My “Horse” S****y?

Image source: lapeyrouse1029

#29 13 Year Old Me Was Happy. Thanks Mom

Image source: Idont47

#30 My Coworker Got This, What Do We Think?

Image source: FestivalGenius

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