40 Unfortunate Times A Wifey Hilariously Failed At Something

Published 2 weeks ago

As many would admit, marriage is not an easy thing to navigate. When two people are in a partnership, it’s like holding up a reflective mirror in front of you that starkly shows you your mistakes. 

However, one has to admit that alongside learning opportunities being married does have many humourous moments and hilarious blunders that often become lighthearted anecdotes that couples can laugh about together. Today we explore some of the funniest mistakes caused by wives which we’ve shared in the gallery below. 

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#1 Told My Wife My Cat Doesn’t Need Expensive Toys. Cat Proves My Point

Image source: Azeriass

#2 My Wife’s Felting Project

Image source: MDIT80

#3 My Wife Made A Dragon Cake For Her Mother’s Birthday

Image source: lemurvomitX

#4 My Wife Said Absolutely No Cats When We Got Married. Here We Are

Image source: TslaNCorn

#5 Wife Tried To Make Chocolate-Covered Banana Penguins For The Kids

Image source: infidiLL

#6 Tiramisu My Wife Made

Image source: airwarr

#7 My Wife Found A New Game Called “Tetris” And Bet Me I Couldn’t Beat Her Score Of Around 8000

Image source: GraniteComplex

#8 My Wife Sleeps Like This

Image source: hockeyandburritos

#9 Looks Like Something I Ordered Off Wish

Image source: Sheeds1984

#10 My Wife And Her Class Made “Groundhogs”. I Can’t Stop Laughing

Image source: Substantial-Fan6364

#11 After Telling My Wife About The Penny Trick To Tell How Much Tread Is Left, I Asked Her To Send Me A Picture Of It, And She Sent Me This

Image source: luckyevanston

#12 Wife: Your So-Called 2-In-1 Universal Cable Doesn’t Work. My Phone Wasn’t Charged Last Night

Image source: sleepyalex

#13 My Wife’s Fortune Cookie. I Was Right

Image source: chastenz

#14 My Wife: “I’d Like Some Watermelon, But I Can’t Be Bothered To Slice The Whole Thing”

Image source: AlienSporez

#15 I Told My Wife I Couldn’t Tell The Difference Between The Salt And Pepper Shakers From The Set On The Left. So She Bought The Set On The Right

Image source: Happymammaries

#16 My Wife, Who “Doesn’t Like Video Games,” Has Played Baldur’s Gate 3 For Nine Straight Hours Today

Image source: geekeasyalex

#17 My Wife’s Attempts At Growing Tomatoes Always Fail. Seeing This Didn’t Help

Image source: dannymuffins

#18 My Wife’s Childhood Attempt At Drawing The Baby Jesus

Image source: Demongeeks8

#19 Once She Opened The Package, My Wife Realized She Had Already Bought This For Kindle

Image source: LeifSized

#20 First Day At The Beach And My Wife Made Sure I Was Protected From Sunburn By Spraying My Back With Sunscreen. I Can’t See Back There – Did She Do A Good Job?

Image source: Kratsas

#21 My Wife Says Her Tongue Is Still Numb

Image source: sippykup

#22 Wife Planted A Large Amount Of Vegetables And Fruits In Her Homemade Garden This Summer. These Two Carrots Were The Only Harvest

Image source: whiteiversonyeet

#23 I Tried To Make My Husband Cookies For His Birthday

Image source: natsugrayerza

#24 This Is How My Wife Lays Out Her Crops. Grounds For Divorce?

Image source: mattprice2828

#25 My Wife Thought I Was Asleep And Came Out Of The Bathroom Looking Like This

Image source: iamthedreadpiraterob

#26 My Wife Thought She Was Ordering Eight Individual Bananas

Image source: ex_natura

#27 My Wife’s Culinary Prowess Was On Full Display At Our Christmas Dinner. She Calls This Recipe “The Candied Yams Of Mordor”

Image source: drillpress42

#28 Wife Decided She Wanted A Humidifier In The Room

Image source: LUT0

#29 After Spending More Money Than We Can Really Afford On A Gaming Computer, My Wife Is Playing Minecraft In Windowed Mode

Image source: CivilizedPsycho

#30 My Wife Couldn’t Open The Bag, So This Was Her Solution When She Bought The Potato

Image source: Jacksquatch

#31 My Wife Wanted “4 Hours Of Fire” She Said

Image source: TheManWithNoNam3

#32 My Wife Placed Her New Makeup Mirror On A Shelf Above The Toilet

Image source: santasphere

#33 This Plastic Plant My Wife Kept Alive For Two Years By Watering

Image source: lago_b

This plastic plant was given to my wife by HR two years ago when she started.
She’s leaving her job and emptying her office this week.
It wasn’t until she took the plant home, put it on the kitchen counter, and I said sarcastically, “Oh, I see we’ve sunken to keeping plastic plants in the house because either you or the cats destroy the real ones,” that she realized she’d been watering a piece of plastic for two years, thinking maybe she did have a green thumb after all, despite her atrocious history caring for anything with a root system.

#34 My Wife Accidentally Used The Wrong Soap In The Washer

Image source: taloncard815

#35 My Wife Started Playing A Game Without Telling Me. She Wanted To Avoid Spoiling It For Me

Image source: smita16

#36 My Wife Thought It Would Be Nice To Drive The Cart While I Played Golf

Image source: enfranci

#37 My Wife Is A Talented Artist, So She Wanted To Make The White Owl Instead Of Buying It Pre-Made

Image source: go_green1

#38 My Wife’s Blooming Onion Attempt

Image source: burny-kushman

#39 Wife’s Been Home For 5 Minutes And Has Already Tripped Over And Broken The Baby Gate

Image source: dadlife16

#40 My Wife Wanted To Do Something Nice For My Daughter And Her Friend. She Opened The Container Upside Down. Wife Was Less Than Pleased

Image source: fromsky61

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