20 People Shared Their Honest Opinions On Public Marriage Proposals

Published 1 year ago

While public marriage proposals may sound idealistic and romantic, they can in reality be rather awkward and high-pressured situations. Some people may even get stage fright because it is very much like being forced to perform on stage but nobody gave you the script so you don’t know your lines. Saying no may not even feel like an option while your nearest and dearest are watching this all unfold.

So when a Redditor asked members of the Ask Women community how they honestly felt about public marriage proposals the ladies responded with candid opinions and experiences that may make you think twice before going down the same road. Scroll down for a collection of stories from the cringiest proposals to the fairytale fantasy come true. 

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Image source: shannon_nonnahs, Teofie@VTMphotography

It really puts you on the spot. I got stage fright and blacked out my spouse’s entire proposal because we were being watched like a play. And the script said I had to say yes


Image source: Bekind-toyourmind, dom fellowes

Very much not fun. I got boo’d out of the restaurant after I said no. Don’t do it people


Image source: Bobolequiff, Little Vegas

Not me, but I had a teacher once who went to Vegas with her boyfriend. He proposed in the chapel with the officiant or whatever at the altar and her entire family, whom he’d flown in. Even as a teenage dork, that seemed like unacceptably high pressure


Image source: mama2coco, Stiven Rivera

My ex proposed to me in front of my entire family, including all of my extended family who was visiting for my cousin’s funeral. It was terrible timing. He sang a song (poorly) and asked in front of everyone. I had already previously told him no because he needed to get his shit together (get a job/have goals in life). He didn’t, but I felt obligated to say yes. We ended it a month and a half later when he still didn’t have anything together. Thank God we never got married!


Image source: emu4you, Alexander Savin

I was proposed to in Disneyland. Definitely a high pressure situation. I ignored my gut and said yes. To no one’s surprise the relationship didn’t last.


Image source: darklight285, Nan Palmero

I’m not a fan. I was proposed to downtown, in the middle of our city, and there was a ton of people around watching. After my partner at the time proposed, he turned around and took a massive bow to the crowd. Fast forward and we are not together anymore lol


Image source: Happy_Bowler_1513, Alyssa DeGarde

I was publicly proposed to in front of maybe 500 people during Christmas church service. I hate attention. We are divorced


Image source: crabbierapple, Aranami

My stepdad proposed to my mom at her work in front of everyone, but he also CALLED THE LITTLE LOCAL NEWS STATION! She was so, so embarrassed. They have since divorced


Image source: Magickxxx, RODNAE Productions

My bf at the time proposed at my bday party in front of everyone…I felt that I had no option but to say yes even though he was manipulative and not a nice person. We broke up shortly after but it was not pleasant when everyone thought we were happily getting married. Privately in a public place like at dinner or something could be very thoughtful but not public as in everyone is watching you


It was awful. My ex was all about attention on himself. I had driven hours to watch him perform at a college basketball event. I almost didn’t go, but I got a lot of pressure from his sister to go watch him. It was a big crowd, and his family was all there. When the performance took a shift and I realized what was happening, I was so ready to bolt. I knew I was being filmed and everyone was watching. It was one of the worst moments of stage fright in my life. In hindsight, I should’ve realized that my feelings were not important to him and took that as a sign as to how the future would be with him.
Later on, my family asked why I didn’t tell them how the proposal happened and I admitted it was because I was so embarrassed by the whole ordeal that I didn’t want to tell anyone. Anyway, he’s about to marry the woman he cheated on me with. And I have no doubt it’ll be just as much of a ‘look at me’ kind of event he loves. Oh, and the person who took and posted that awful public proposal video won’t take it down because it’s ‘their most liked video ever.

Image source: Silent_Observer1414


Image source: DogMoM2011568, Christopher Aloi

Hate it. My husband did this. He planned for my whole family to come down to his moms house and she asked me to come over one day to help fix her tile and I said sure… I walk in and my mom dad sister brother niblings his mom dad sister everyone staring at me and my DH on his knee and all he said was “will you marry me?” And I said yes bc I do love him and then he asked why I didn’t cry??!! Lol ummmm bc everyone is looking and you didn’t say anything sweet? He also didn’t make sure I was showered and dressed nicely.. like I thought I was doing house work dude lol

I did have a talk with him that while it was very sweet to invite everyone I do NOT like that. Marriage is for the couple not everyone else


Image source: More_netflix_please·, North Charleston

I was publicly proposed to — twice. I’m a massive extrovert and even then, it threw me off. I knew the proposals were likely to happen, but I had no clue it was going to happen in public. I can’t imagine how introverted people must feel when being proposed to in public


Image source: Kmschw, Anna Shvets

My ex proposed to me after I got off a plane…. In the f****n airport. Then got mad I didn’t kiss him.
It was so embarrassing…


Image source: Unlucky_Blueberry_, Britini R

Not for me. I was proposed to in front of the castle at Disney and soooo many people were around us. I’m introverted as [hell] and would have loved more privacy for such an intimate moment. I felt like I had to say yes and be all omg gleeful, which isn’t me. The whole thing wasn’t me. She’s my ex now


I think it’s important to know the type of person that you are proposing too and definitely have a discussion about dream proposal.

My ex proposed to me at Disneyland during the fireworks. I absolutely f*****g loved it and felt like an absolute f*****g princess. 10/10 would do it again

Image source: citygirlsunflower


I always envisioned a private, intimate proposal to reflect my personality. I told my husband multiple times that I did not want a public proposal, especially not at a restaurant. However, he ended up proposing to me at a restaurant and invited our parents. It was hurtful because he completely disregarded everything I asked for, which wasn’t much to begin with. He said he didn’t think I would mind because he invited our families and because it was a restaurant we both enjoyed. It was several years ago, but I still get disappointed when I think about it

Image source: LifeInShamblez3


My SO proposed in public but not by a crowd. We were the botanical gardens (where we had our first date) on a very dreary December day, we wandered outside to escape some of the crowds and he popped the question then. It was the best time and spot since he hid a bunch of rose petals in his pocket so he could toss them up when I said yes. After the hugs and kisses, a little train ride was going by for bringing kids to and from Santa and a woman shouted a congratulations. If there had been people around, I would have been very shy and self conscious during even though my answer wouldn’t have changed. It was nice to have that more private moment as he popped the question.

Also to that woman who congratulated us, thank you ❤️

Image source: WitchLite


Not quite a proposal, but when I was a new student my senior year of high school, a guy who I’d known for a week asked me to homecoming at a pep rally in front of our school of ~1,200 students. After he sang the national anthem, he gave a speech about how he’d recently been lucky enough to meet the person he’d been looking for his whole life, how he’d fallen in love at first sight, and how he couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life getting to know…ME. He asked me to stand up, and everyone’s heads turned to face me. I did, and he proceeded to ask me if I wanted to go to homecoming with him (which was like two months away??) It was mortifying and so embarrassing, and I ABSOLUTELY said yes due to the pressure and everyone’s expectations.
Then he ran over to me and gave me two dozen roses (it was first period). All day everyone was coming up to me to talk about it and asking me how long we’d been dating. I kept telling people we barely knew each other. It was so awkward and embarrassing for me. I ended up saying no a week later

Image source: karamobrownismydad


It depends. My husband proposed to me on a bench in the middle of the city center where we used to live. We were out with our son (then 2), and we went to sit down so he could eat an apple. I don’t think anyone noticed that there was a proposal going on. After I said yes, we did ask some Italian tourists to take a picture with the polaroid camera that my husband secretly brought along.

Image source: Princess_SophiaBlack


My husband proposed in public but no-one apart from our friends saw. It was the last night at a festival and we were watching a big firework show. I looked round at him and he was on one knee. It was honestly amazing. If loads of people had seen in a restaurant or something then I’d have died.

Image source: Strong_Roll5639

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