30 Times The Gender Reveal Trend Failed

Published 2 months ago

Gender reveal parties have become a ubiquitous and often extravagant trend in celebrating the impending arrival of a new bundle of joy. While these events are intended to be joyous occasions filled with excitement and anticipation, sometimes things don’t go according to plan.

Let’s take a lighthearted look at some times when the gender reveal trend took an unexpected and often comical turn, proving that in the world of confetti cannons and colored smoke, anything can happen.

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#1 So This Was Supposed To Be The Gender Reveal, But Somehow The “Gender Reveal” Part Got Left Out, And Typical For My Husband, He Ate The Cupcake Whole Not Even Noticing The Pink Cream Center

Image source: for.the.luv.of.jc

#2 We Found Out At Our 32-Week Growth Scan That Our Little Girl Was Actually A Little Boy

Image source: shanmorgan1

#3 My Friend’s Family Wore The Colors Of The Gender They Preferred For The New Baby

Image source: RaginBetch

#4 There Was An Attempt To Have A Gender Reveal

Image source: Reptarro52

#5 Everybody Makes Mistakes

Image source: thatsmommiii

#6 Gender Reveal Cake Fail

Image source: Drpepperholik

#7 He Or She? We Don’t Know Either. Mislabeled Streamers Lead To A Confusing Gender Reveal! This Is Something We Won’t Forget. It’s A Girl

Image source: Marryyy_D

#8 When You Order The Gender Reveal Cake From The Babushka At The Russian Bakery

Image source: fiero444

#9 My Friend Had A Gender Reveal Party… I Hope

Image source: kahlieo

#10 My Dad Thought My Brother’s Gender Reveal Party Was Him Coming Out As Transgender

Image source: Matthew-ccty

#11 Congrats! It’s A Girl

Image source: bokeefus

#12 Chocolate: Boy, Strawberry: Girl. There Is Only One Baby And I See Two Flavors

Image source: jeremyice929

#13 According To This Gender-Reveal Lasagna, The Baby’s Gone Bad

Image source: TimDuffy

#14 How Wrong Could A Gender Reveal Go?

Image source: Gemma Bayliffe Newby

#15 Let’s Do The Reveal Inside. What’s The Worst That Can Happen? The Aftermath Was Crazy

Image source: simoneyt_21

#16 Gender Reveal Surprise

Image source: ViralBrother Erik

#17 This Was Supposed To Be My Gender Reveal For The Grandparents. Total Flop, Should Read “It’s A Boy”, But Domino’s Apparently Doesn’t Know How To Place Pepperonis Close Together

Image source: modestlymallory

#18 Gender Reveal Epic Win Or Fail?

Image source: clariceguido

#19 Gender Reveal Parties In The South

Image source: MobileWangWhacker

#20 Cara And I Are So Excited To Announce Another Workman Boy Is On The Way. He Will Be Here In September And We Can’t Wait To Meet Him. Epic Gender Reveal Fail Caught. Treat Yourselves

Image source: PWork1

#21 My Wife And I Cut Into Our Gender Reveal Cake Today. The Baby Is?

Image source: IamJacksBrainwaves

#22 The Gender Reveal Balloon Was Missed

Image source: Massive_Influence_74

#23 I Just Came For The Cake

Image source: bekandjonnyland

#24 I’m Not Sure If I Was More Shocked To See A Blank Gender Reveal Cake Or That I’m Going To Be An All-Boy Mom. Fail On Bakery, Have Receipt That Says “Blue Icing”

Image source: meghanmongillo

#25 Sister Had A Gender Reveal At A Club. I Can’t Tell If They’re Just Dumb Or Screwed-Up And Didn’t Bother To Fix It

Image source: ShanaKorlov

#26 Sorry Folks

Image source: aaronrezzz

#27 Gender Reveal Fail. It Went For The Camera

Image source: JugglinJosh

#28 Before Finding Out He Was Getting A Baby Sister And After. Hopefully, We Will Get Him To Warm Up To The Idea Before She Gets Here

Image source: katiemazzuchifitness

#29 It’s Supposed To Be A Pumpkin For A Gender Reveal

Image source: briadkins20

#30 Well, It Was An Epic Gender Reveal, That’s For Sure. This One Will Go Down In Family Story Books And Will Be Retold For Years To Come. It Was Almost Like “Tractors Or Bows”

Image source: lbritthudson

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