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20 Photos Showing The Amazing Stretched Cheeks Of Legendary Jazz Player Dizzy Gillespie

Published 6 months ago

John Birks Gillespie, best known as Dizzy Gillespie, was an American jazz trumpeter, famous for popularizing bebop, a style of jazz, in the 1940s. One of the musician’s prominent features was his large cheeks, that looked like they were about to explode when he was playing the trumpet.

Doctors call Gillespie’s condition a laryngocele – a mass in the neck that is filled with fluid or air but the trumpeter said that scientists have studied his cheeks and gave them a name – “Gillespie’s Pouches”. However you want to call it, Gillespie’s skill and talent is undeniable.

Check out the pictures of this ‘cheeky’ artist playing the trumpet in the gallery below!

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