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20 Creative Landscaping Ideas To Transform Your Outdoor Space

Published 8 months ago

Outdoor spaces play a vital role in determining the aesthetics of a home. A small beautiful front yard or a huge magnificent garden can amp up your house to a great extent.

If you wish to add some charm to the dull space around your house, then you can take inspiration from the subreddit r/Landscaping. Check out some of their most amazing posts in the gallery below.

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#1 Six And A Half Years And A Lot Of Hard Work Later

Image source: Subaru_turtle

#2 Built A Planter Box Bench This Past Weekend. What Do You Think?

Image source: ssprings7

#3 Greenhouse Project Finished

Image source: daveroadwaydesign

#4 Props To The Previous Owners – What Else Would You Add?

Image source: Virtual6850

#5 I Love This Corner

Image source: Majorchip420

#6 First Attempt At Hobby Landscaping. 12 Months Of Weekend Work

Image source: ibzprestige

#7 It’s Small But I’m Proud Of My First Project! Overhauled My Townhouse Backyard For About $500 And 12 Hrs Labor

Image source: HolyRamenEmperor

#8 Just Wanted To Share What A Woman Living In My District Does With The Public Space Near Apartments

Image source: ummagumma99

#9 2 Years Ago I Posted About My Idea. Today I Show You My Vision!

Image source: Abraxas2398

#10 Laid Crushed Sandstone Around My Garden, Pond And Backyard Office. I Love The Look, It’s So Much Neater Than Having Grass Growing Everywhere. I Don’t Have A Question, My Backyard Makes Me Happy And I Thought I’d Share

Image source: saggycarrot

#11 Before & After

Image source: BigMacBigShaq

#12 Let’s Create Forests To Replace Our Unused Lawns

Image source: SpacePlantScience

#13 3 Years In The Making

Image source: nothing-fancy-34

#14 My Retreat

Image source: Miserable_Guava6587

#15 How It Started/How It’s Going

Image source: DeadLightsOut

#16 Before And After Of My Retaining Wall! (Railing Installed Today)

Image source: Hairbear1995

#17 Before (Top) And After. Y’all Convinced Me To Get Rid Of Half My Lawn To Make It More Biodiverse. Now We Have A Bee Habitat And A Registered Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Where Lawn Was

Image source: chewedupbylife

#18 DIY Drought Tolerant, Front Yard Landscape In Southern Ca. No More Grass

Image source: BIackWid0ww

#19 My Quarantine Project, Before And After!

Image source: MannyDantyla

#20 Our Back Garden Project. The Photos Are Taken Exactly One Year Apart

Image source: robj57

Saumya Ratan

From captivating stories to awe-inspiring creations, Saumya has a knack for unearthing hidden treasures online. A delightful explorer of all things beautiful, quirky, and heartwarming, she loves to share her discoveries with people around the globe.

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