“Mediocre Food”: People Are Sharing Their Favorite Comfort Foods That Seem Underrated

Published 1 year ago

There are two types of food lovers – one who cribs over the slightest cooking mistakes and the other one who happily chomps on the delicious meal while his friend keeps complaining about it being partially raw or missing an ingredient.

Well, many of us don’t give a fuss about food elitism because when the craving hits you hard, even the most mediocre food tastes like heaven. When a Redditor asked, “What mediocre food opinions will you live and die by?”, people shared their favorite comfort foods that might not be too fancy but enough to satiate one’s food cravings. Scroll below to read some of them.

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Image source: HaddockBranzini-II, stu_spivack

Burgers should be very flat and overly cooked. I don’t want a giant meatball of a burger wiith some artisan cut of beef. If i wanted beef I’d have a nice steak. My burgers are just the textural middle of a magical blend of condiments.


Image source: Food-and-Wine, Mover el Bigote

Sometimes a McDonald’s cheeseburger is the only thing I want in the world. Not often but that craving hits hard!


Image source: nonamee9455, Adrian F

If you live in a northern country, just buy canned tomatoes. I’ve wasted so much time grinding fresh but flavourless tomatoes into a watery pasta sauce.


Image source: BenjaminGeiger, Mike Mozart

The Whopper Theorem: Larger burgers should be wider, not taller.


Image source: battlelevel, Gül Işık

When I say I like coffee, that means I like *all* the coffee.

I appreciate high end coffee, but I also like truck stop coffee, church basement coffee, reheated late afternoon coffee. I just like coffee.


Image source: JohnnySasaki20, Louis Hansel

Broccoli is the f*****g best.


Image source: Philboyd_Studge, Teja J

In a lot of dishes, like American-style Bolognese, powdered garlic and onion powders are just as important if not better than using the fresh minced onions and garlic. You can add up to a whole tablespoon of each, as well as the freshly chopped stuff. Don’t skimp on the dried Italian seasoning either.


Image source: beestingers, Alex Shultz

Liquid Smoke works well for a lot of things. Not every bbq chicken dinner at home has to smoke for 10 hours. It’s also great for adding to dips and sandwich condiments.


Image source: TransportationOk1780, Mike Mozart

Velveeta is not evil.


Image source: majesticjules, Mike Mozart

Totally with you on the american cheese. Everytime someone on the internet mentions american cheese, someone chimes in saying it isn’t really cheese. Well so what? I can still like it.


Image source: starglitter, Dan4th Nicholas

Butter on a grilled cheese.

I’ve tried mayo. It’s just not as good.


Image source: xxrachinwonderlandxx, Norma Mortenson

Frying at home isn’t worth it. It’s messy, time consuming, and uses too much oil. My southern ancestors are rolling over in their graves as I type.


Image source: 123timing, Freddy G

PB&J is a great sandwich.


Image source: d0gf15h, daveynin

There are actually some really excellent frozen pizzas (Screamin’ Sicilian).


Image source: Shigy, milo-photo

Chicken tendies are tasty even if you’re a grown a*s person.


Image source: junkman21, Lisa Fotios

99% of the time, dry generic brand pasta is just *fine* for dinner. I spend all of my culinary efforts on the sauce/topping.


Image source: Blewedup, Taha Samet Arslan

I will drink red wine with fish and white wine with beef. Who gives a s**t.


Image source: connivingbitch, Ryutaro Tsukata

I don’t know what the best dessert in the world is, but I know it’s something baked and served warm with vanilla ice cream.


Image source: Green_Cauliflower27, Jason Leung

Food opinion- Italian American food is just as valid as Italian-Italian food. Just because some stuff had to me made with different versions of ingredients doesn’t mean it’s a radioactive evil sludge abomination. People get wayyyy too pissy about food cultures and trying to gatekeep it. Food is food. You need it to live. Who cares what shape of noodle it goes in your mouth? Either way, it’s gonna come out the same.


Image source: PicturesqueCocktail, Andrew Filer

Pretty much all of my unpopular food opinions boil down to “your food elitism is stupid.”

American cheese tastes good, including kraft singles.
Spam tastes good.
Ketchup tastes good.
Who cares if someone likes their steak well done?
Nothing wrong with using minced garlic from a jar.
Nothing wrong with using pre-made spice blends.
Instant mashed potatoes taste good.

Sure, you can get better results with fresher and higher quality ingredients. But if someone doesn’t have the time, money, or patience for that, who caaaaaaares.

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