20 Hilarious History Memes That Might Make You Chuckle, As Shared On “History Memes”

Published 1 year ago

We often analyze society’s past challenges and try to relate them to our present environment to find solutions for a better future. It’s not so difficult to relate things to the past because the people who lived in the past had similar thought patterns and emotional responses just like us, in spite of having different outer challenges.

Today, we have collected some hilarious memes throwing light on some famous historical figures and events, and relating them to present-day situations. Check out some of the funniest ones in the gallery below.

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#1 Turns Out A Lot Of Historical Figures Who Dreamed Of World Domination Were A Bit Freaked Out By Cats

Image source: CaitlinSnep

#2 Ah Yes Christianity

Image source: vanillamilkenjoyer

#3 Memento Mori -Domitian, Probably

Image source: _abou-d

#4 Tragic Realization Oc

Image source: Spinswell

#5 Fight Me Idc

Image source: trihohair

#6 Well, Any Contradictions?

Image source: SadOwl3244

#7 Speaking As An Austrian

Image source: ChiliGeeks

#8 My Answer:atlest Establish A Base Off The Beach

Image source: RappersTeaLight

#9 Daily Reminder That The Protestants Mainly Did Witch Hunts And The Church Outright Made It Illegal To Do Them

Image source: NCRisthebestfaction

#10 The One War I Don’t Think Sabaton Ever Has Or Ever Will Write A Song About

Image source: reddit.com

#11 High Iq Meme

Image source: berkay10_

#12 At Least One

Image source: Sk-yline1

#13 Franz Ferdinand

Image source: ProfessionalHefty578

#14 The Siege Of Jadotville Is One Of The Un Peacekeepers’ Finest Moments, But Is Barely Talked About

Image source: GuyOnABison

#15 The Dutch Called Oranges “Chinese Apples”, So

Image source: Cubusphere

#16 What Are Everyone’s Plans For The 12/25 Holiday?

Image source: haonlineorders

#17 Book Sais A Thing

Image source: edgewolf666-6

#18 Progressive May Be Relative But Still

Image source: GrAaSaBa

#19 Window Tax

Image source: TheBlazinghirex

#20 More Accurately

Image source: ClearMost

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