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Artist Reveals The Unspoken Side Of Every Relationship

Published 3 years ago

Amanda Oleander is a Los Angeles based fine artist whose work portrays a very real side of our everyday lives. She purely shows what it’s like to be in a relationship as every small and sometimes a little bit gross moment of our lives is captured with her skillful hand. After seeing Oleander’s work you’ll definitely feel a sense of ease, her illustrations show the very unfiltered part of our society, and it’s truly a joy to see such a unique and yet relatable piece of art. While most of us try to show the very best side of ourselves on social media, Oleander’s approach is way different and yet way more relatable. These illustrations do not show a glamorous side of us, but the artist stays true to herself and encourages her viewers to do the same.

More info: amandaoleander (h/t Mmm)

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Amanda Oleander, couples, drawings, gross, illustrations, private, reality, relationships
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