These Illustrations Of A Woman’s Childhood ‘Friends’ Before Being Given Heavy Meds Will Give You Chills

Published 6 years ago

Ever since she was little, Imgur user Sierra says she has been seeing imaginary friends. Even though she remembers seeing them in great detail, after being put on heavy medication at age 14, the imaginary friends disappeared. Sierra says she honestly misses them and likes to think they are real – after all, they provided her with comfort during her dark times. “They are just waiting for me somewhere else,” she says.

“The first few times they crawled into bed with me was the scariest,”  Sierra told Bored Panda. Yet they slept with her every night in order for her not to fear them. With time, Sierra grew more comfortable with her imaginary friends: “It was like having a sleepover with your best friends every day. We conversed, sang, swam, ate, enjoyed one another. It was peaceful in a way.” Sierra’s descriptions offer a unique in-depth look at what it was like to be surrounded by imaginary friends through the eyes of a child.

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“I had imaginary friends throughout the ages of 9-13. Stopped “seeing” them when I was put on medication at age 14”

“I honestly miss them and like to think they are real. They are just waiting for me somewhere else”

Turns out not all imaginary friends are happy and cheerful

Frenzo – a Hippogryph that helped Sierra with her many mental issues

Subterra Angelo – a fox-like creature, who had the greatest impact on Sierra’s life

Superior Devvera – Angelo’s sister, who had a darker side to her at first

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