30 Of The Most Impressive ‘Power Moves’ Documented In This Online Group (New Pics)

Published 2 years ago

No need to jump out of the plane or become a matador. There are other ways to prove just how bold you are to the world. And there’s a hub on Reddit to document those bizarre yet still impressive moments. Madlads subreddit is “For those bantasaurus rexes who can’t be contained.” At least that’s what the name says. 

The community with over 1.7M members shares the most savage lads and lasses whose power and dominance might sweep you off your feet. In the mood for some more madlad moments? Gotcha, just press here and here!

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#1 Madlad Returned The Car After Stealing It. Then Yelled At The Owner For Bad Parenting

Image source: wsvn

#2 *insert Your Spiderman Meme Here*

Image source: Infinitisin

#3 Now That’s Going Out With Style!

Image source: Ooga-Booga2

#4 Madlad Wins Gold In The Olympics… In Cosplay

Image source: heiranseinaka

#5 Do You Know Why I Pulled You Over?

Image source: curreyfienberg

#6 Madlad Orders Every Protein Possible And Eats It All

Image source: Joshunzz

#7 I Guess Finding Outdoor Seating Is No Longer A Problem!

Image source: castawayinlondo

#8 Madlad Creates Company For Extra Credit

Image source: notinprogres

#9 Madlad Lives In Aol’s Hq For Months While Working On His Own Startup!

Image source: coneheadZombie

#10 Glow In The Dark Condom Review By Sadlad

Image source: Holys**t_1787

#11 Memes Twitter Destroys Mark

Image source: sunxoomer

#12 You Might Want To Pull The String To Make Sure There’s No Secret Compartments

Image source: Anointed_Mouf

#13 Imagine Playing Geo Guesser In This Guy’s Town

Image source: manUgaey

#14 Old People Always Know The Workarounds

Image source: rudy_betrayed

#15 I Don’t Know Who Oliver Is But I Like His Gaul

Image source: oliver2981

#16 Madlad Makes Sure Everyone Looks At The Secret

Image source: irrationalstickman

#17 This Guy Out Thought It All

Image source: ItsYellow_

#18 I Dont Know What To Title This

Image source: jackyolo23

#19 Flag Collector Finds A Loophole

Image source: Henroriro_XIV

#20 Chuck Yeager, First Man To Break The Sound Barrier (Who Unfortunately Passed Last Year), Responds To Question About Ufos

Image source: Popular-Swordfish559

#21 Gotta Keep The Customer Happy All The Time

Image source: makaylathinks

#22 A Former White House Intern With No Chill

Image source: MonicaLewinsky

#23 Dad Just Had To Point That Out

Image source: j__para

#24 He Actually F**king Did It

Image source: KamiTheGod11037

#25 Bought The 4th Of July M&Ms Specifically To Do This

Image source: GEN_Schady

#26 His Maths Is Blowing My Mind

Image source: yashthesharma

#27 Mad Lad Walks Into Fire Station, Asks If He Can Go Into The Fire Truck, And It Works

Image source: Parvak07

#28 This Sneaky “Put Pocketer” Probably Made That Womans Whole Week

Image source: ifallupthestairsalot

#29 Always Give 110 Percent!

Image source: codybondarchuk

#30 Madlass Steals Declaration Of Independence Because She’s Vaccinated

Image source: audgehowell

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