20 Times People In This Online Group Regretted Getting Hilariously Bad Tattoos

Published 9 months ago

Tattoos have been a form of self-expression for centuries, allowing individuals to showcase their beliefs, passions, and memories on their skin. While many tattoos are thoughtfully designed and carry deep meanings, there’s a subset of tattoos that leave us bewildered and questioning the decision-making process.

In this article, we will explore 20 examples of weird and terrible tattoos that people have chosen to ink on their skin permanently. These tattoos range from quirky to downright cringe-worthy, reminding us that not all ink is created equal.

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#1 That’s Wild

Image source: Kassidy Bond

#2 Hi Y’all. I Wanted To Join So I Could Show Off, What I Think Is The Worst Tattoo Ever. I Have Tons That I’m Proud Of But This One Isn’t It. I Lost A Dumb Bet A Few Years Ago And Got This Sucker Without Seeing It Until It Was Permanent

Image source: Jack Brown

#3 Idk Where To Start

Image source: Jackson Bredläu

#4 Nailed It

Image source: Michelle Riordan

#5 I Actually Kinda Like It

Image source: Megan Archer

#6 What’s With The Bananas

Image source: Mia Kennedy-Leech

#7 Found This On My Timeline

Image source: Thomas Goulet

#8 It Says Sorry About Last Night I Got It Becuase I Always Used To Drink Way Too Much Alcohol And Do Some Dumb F**ked Up Sh*t And Got Tired Of Always Having To Tell People Sorry About Last Night So I Got It Tatted So I’m The Morning I Could Just Pull My Sleeve Up And Show It To Them. Made Sense To Me To Get It At The Time

Image source: Matthew Plowman

#9 Sweet Jesus

Image source: Aric Flowers

#10 I’m New So Hopefully You Don’t See This Constantly

Image source: Matthew Wagner

#11 Spotted On My Timeline. Cant Make This Up. The Beer Can In The Back Explains Everything!

Image source: Brandon Lee

#12 Give Me What You Got

Image source: Adreanna Rosenbalm

#13 Didn’t Have To Find In The Wild Cause It Lives With Me Everyday

Image source: Jason Carroll

#14 Saw On Another Page

Image source: Casey Turner

#15 ?

Image source: Jay Zack

#16 Live And….??

Image source: Anonymous participant

#17 Skin Of A Killer

Image source: Fritz Vonstrudelbaker

#18 What In The Jesus

Image source: Olli Ilmavirta

#19 Rough One

Image source: Anonymous participant

#20 So So So Much To Dissect Here

Image source: Beth Stokes

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