20 Surprising Maps Displaying A Whole New Reality About The World, As Shared In This Online Group

Published 1 year ago

The internet is an amazing place where people come together to share interesting things. For instance, in this subreddit, people have been sharing maps that can really make us think differently about the world. These maps challenge what we thought we knew and open our minds to new ideas.

Let’s take a look at 20 of these mind-altering maps that might just change the way we see the world. And if you want to see more such lists, hop on to our previous articles here, here, and here.

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#1 1920 Australian Map Of Sheep

Image source: Evilaars

#2 Where Does The World’s Population Of 8 Billion Live?

Image source: pratapvardhan

#3 Number Of Ukrainian Refugees Displaced In Europe In February 2023

Image source: Relocationstation1

#4 The World In 250 Million Years

Image source: Tacama

#5 Lithuania Has Made A Map Of Magnets In Which Each Magnet Can Only Be Found In A Specific Area, To Boost Tourism, Specifically Local Tourism

Image source: StrawWordXbox

#6 Outline Of The World By Mapping All Lighthouses

Image source: bored_panda87

#7 Countries Where It Is Illegal To Spank/Smack Children

Image source: john_doe_89

#8 What Year Is It Right Now?

Image source: ledim35

#9 A Population Density Map Of Illinois

Image source: Pecners

#10 How Big Brazil Actually Is!

Image source: AbhiExplains

#11 Places That “Don’t Exist” According To Internet Memes (Many Based On The Original “Bielefeld Conspiracy”)

Image source: DanArv1316

#12 Public Transport Network Density

Image source: YellowOnline

#13 The Best And The Worst For Lgbtq+ Travelers

Image source: EinHoer23

#14 The Size Of Australia vs. Other Countries

Image source: charmanduuur

#15 Russia’s New Border With Nato Now That Finland Is Finally In Nato!

Image source: AccurateSource2

#16 Mediterranean Sea Fits Inside Australia – Should Be A Much Better Image Than Last One

Image source: SteelDeliverance

#17 Someone Here Posted A Map Of Earthquakes Since 1900(Top One) Now Watch It 1by1 To The Map Of Actual Tectonic Plates(Bottom One)

Image source: Lntc26

#18 Here Is A 1988 Map Of Berlin (Produced In The Ddr)

Image source: BFNgaming

#19 Estimated Migration Of Early Homo Sapiens Out Of Africa To The Rest Of The World, In Thousands Of Years Ago (Kya)

Image source: CaptainJZH

#20 Relief Map Of San Marino

Image source: Kl——–k

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