20 Funny Jokes And Memes Anyone Working In “IT Support” Can Relate To

Published 1 year ago

It is known that every IT customer care call starts with a simple ‘Did you try turning the computer on and off again?’ because 99% of problems are resolved with this simplest of solutions. Clearly working in IT require the patience of a paragon to deal with human ineptitude. 

One particular IT professional felt that even though there were meme pages for developers, programmers, hackers etc., there was a dire lack of humorous IT-related content and decided to change that. He wanted the memes to reflect real-life issues faced by IT support and it seems to have worked. His Facebook group, ‘IT Humor and Memes’ has currently amassed over 900K followers and if you’re an IT professional you’re bound to get a giggle out of some of the following posts found on his meme page. 

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Image source: Steven Pangilinan


Image source: Marie Carmen Mrtz


Image source: Edgardo Avileño


Image source: Trey Washmon


Image source: Viktor Nederloe


Image source: Michael Hagley


Image source: Gregory Leiby


Image source: Amritpal Singh


Image source: Joseph Lathem


Image source: Alex Kluemper


Image source: Aidan White


Image source: Vasilios Betoglou


Image source: Rich Duffy


Image source: Stevieb Baker


Image source: Joel Swan


Image source: Jason Riffenburg


Image source: John Finedeway


Image source: I steal your memes


Image source: Steven Pangilinan


Image source: Gerry Mathers

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