20 Times Karma Got Someone Back In The Form Of An Epic Revenge Plan

Published 1 year ago

When someone does something wrong to us, we think “Karma will get them” and we let it go thinking the wrongdoer will eventually get what they deserve. Sometimes those who did something wrong get what they deserved and we’re lucky to witness it. But if you’re tired of constantly turning the other cheek today we are about to vicariously live through folks who thought enough is enough and decided to help karma along a little bit.

These photos show where either karma got someone back or folks who didn’t have the patience to stand by waiting for actions to have consequences stepped in to exact a unique form of vengeance. Ranging from clever to genius these are the ultimate revenge plans that will leave you amused and satisfied at the same time.

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#1 That’s What You Get From Leaving Dog In A Car

#2 Revenge For Braids

Image source: heart

#3 Stray Dog Kicked By Driver Returns With A Pack Of Friends To Trash His Car

Image source: boredpanda.com

#4 Well Deserved Dump

Image source: cardownloader

#5 Deserved

Image source: ShamoleTrinda

#6 Terrible Parker Receives Sweet Sweet Karma Via A Herd Of Busses

Image source: Romobyl

#7 Smart Car Isn’t Having It

Image source: mojoman913

#8 Found Out The Girl I Slept With Has A Boyfriend The Next Day. Left This Note Under The Toilet Seat Where Hopefully Only He’ll See It

Image source: GldnUnicorn

#9 Revenge Of The Garbage Men

Image source: h0pfenbrei

#10 Popcorn Revenge

Image source: weshric

#11 Instant Revenge

#12 Pretty Little Liar

Image source: lovelylkp

#13 Sweet Revenge

Image source: victorpopejr

#14 Educated Ex

Image source: placelikethis

#15 My Friend Caught Her Husband Cheating On Her With A Girl He Met Through Online Gaming. She Cleaned All Of Her Belongings Out Of The House Today While He Was At Work And Left The Shirt He Wore To His Bachelor Party On His Favorite Gaming Chair

Image source: gmb83

#16 Ex Fiancé And Ex Best Man Are Now Dating. He Left His Wii At My Place. I Made Sure To Get It Back To Him

Image source: PM_me_your_Jeep

#17 Revenge Of The Nerd


#18 Man Finds Over 100 Ways To Use His Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress

Image source: amazon.com

#19 Grandma’s Revenge

Image source: mrmaster2

#20 Yeah, You’re An A**hole. Unfortunately For You, So Am I

Image source: b33p

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