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15 Times When Letter Spacing Went Wrong

Published 3 years ago

Have you ever been a victim of letter spacing? I bet your friend Clint has. You see, sometimes – either because of human error or a mechanical problem – the characters of a text snuggle a little bit too close to one another. Like two teenagers, experimenting with their sexuality, even though they don’t have a clue about what’s happening.

Other times the separation between letters gets too wide, and when you come to pick your wife from a massage therapist you get mixed feelings when looking at the sign ‘Massage The Rapist’. Check out these hilarious letter spacing mistakes that completely changed the meaning of the message below!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 Something Might Be Off About The Letter Spacing


Image source: 0195311

#2 It Was My Cousin Clint’s Birthday, And His Mother-in-law Reminds Us All About The Importance Of Spacing


Image source: reibusu

#3 I’m Sorry, What’s Broken?


Image source:

#4 My Math Teacher Also Taught Us The Importance Of Spacing


Image source: tallforahobbit

#5 Another Reminder That Yes, Fonts And Spacing Matter


Image source: Norcross

#6 Maybe They Should Pick A Different Font Next Time


Image source: Pterodactyl418

#7 Think That’s What You Call A Typography Fail


Image source: startimeash

#8 What Style Of Massage Is This?


Image source: EGoatMan

#9 Spacing Is Important


Image source:

#10 Erm? No Thanks…


Image source: unknown.

#11 Badly Misspelled Name


Image source: unknown.

#12 A Traditional Barber Shop


Image source: unknown.

#13 Space Bar, You Had One Job


Image source: unknown.

#14 Sign Above The Megaflicks Store


Image source: Jeff Miller

#15 Bull Titan Us


Image source:

Not only mistakes can be made out of letters. Some awesome calligraphy art can be created as well.

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