25 Things People Unexpectedly Grew To Like

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There are things we are certain we will never like. We would see a couple acting a certain way and cringe thinking that will never be us. Or you may have detested cleaning when you were younger but now you find it quite satisfying and therapeutic. 

As time passes, we realise that our likes and interests can change significantly and unexpectedly. Recently, Redditors commented on the things they surprisingly liked despite their previous hatred of it. Scroll below to read the most popular answers shared on the thread.

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#1 Having a cat. I love cats, I just don’t want one. Then I ended up watching a buddy’s cat for a year while he was deployed, and halfway through that year a feral cat showed up in my yard and now he’s a spoiled rotten inside baby with his own room, twin sized bed, jungle gym, four kinds of food, a massive pile of toys, and a bird feeder outside his window for entertainment.

Image source: NemoHobbits, Michael Sum

#2 Never understood why my mom acted like stopping somewhere after work was a huge burden and was absolutely the worst. I understand now, lol.

Image source: charger485, Andrea Piacquadio

#3 Crochet. I’m terrible at knitting so I figured crochet would be the same. I find it much easier, and it’s generally faster which is important cause of my ADHD.

Image source: aghzombies, Diego Pontes

#4 Run a half marathon. I was a pack a day smoker and heavy drinker.
I got on a bit of a health kick, ran my first ever 5k in 2019, progressed very quickly and now have run over a dozen ultramarathons up to and including the 100 mile distance, and a half marathon is now pretty regularly an easy training run.
I f*****g love it.

Image source: nukedmylastprofile, RUN 4 FFWPU

#5 Installed a bidet. Can’t live without it now.

Image source: kevinguitarmstrong, Max Vakhtbovycn

#6 Quit drinking. 18 months sober yesterday.

Image source: WishboneEnough3160, Torsten Dettlaff

#7 Edibles. Swore I’d never touch the green stuff. I can’t smoke since I have asthma. But I got curious, and bought some edibles one day. And all I can say is WOW. I’ve struggled with anxiety for more than 20 years. Always had racing thoughts. The first time I tried them, those thoughts disappeared. And it was almost terrifying to have silence in my head. My anxiety is worlds better. That negative little voice in my head telling me I’m not good enough, I don’t belong, no one likes me is *gone*. After having those things more than half my life, I’m finally free of them.

Now I take them to help manage my stress, and to help me if I’m having trouble sleeping.

Image source: smokealarmsnick

#8 Me opening this thread: “It’s gonna be butt stuff — they’re all gonna say butt stuff.” The actual thread: “Gardening.”.

Image source: SafetyDanceInMyPants, KATRIN BOLOVTSOVA

#9 Working retail. I’m an introvert so just the thought of retail takes so much energy out of me. Turns out I just needed to find the right kind of product to get so nerdy about that I couldn’t help but sell it. I currently sell wine and beer and I love it!

Image source: conthebest, Pixabay

#10 Dungeons and Dragons.

Image source: Gravs72, Stephen Hardy

#11 Become atheist. I struggled for years with religion, how could my religion be good and have a “reputation” of kindness but then I see followers hate and hurt people? I slowly started to leave, but fear kept me in place, but ultimately I took the leap and I’ve never felt better! I’m spiritual, but I’m no longer a heavy religious person.

Image source: rrashad21

#12 Have kids. I know this not exactly the same as having kids but it’s certainly nothing I planned on or wanted to happen.

Image source: Nightski90, Kristina Paukshtite

March 2023 we took my nieces for the summer. There was one event that caused them all to be homeless and so we agreed to watch the girls for the summer so the parents could get back on their feet. Then it was just an effing whirlwind. Their parents basically gave up…

At the start of it in March we got a power of attorney to help us through not needing the parents for every signature or doctor or teacher, etc. The parents communicated less and less to their girls and at the end of 6 months our power of attorney over the girls was set to expire. At this point the parents were hardly involved and didn’t do anything to establish themselves as a stable environment to continue raising their girls in. One parent was now three states away and the other halfway across the country. And so we found ourselves standing in court for guardianship of two kids. The girls signed their own letters stating how they wanted to stay by us and the judge made an instant decision. They understand that the guardianship more a a choice amongst all of us that they stay here, even their choice, but they have no desires to return to either parent. So here we are, a mixed bag sorta “family” that picked each other.

#13 Cosplaying! People make it look super weird, but once I went to a con for the first time and saw everybody all dressed up, in groups, in duos, it was SO COOL. It’s literally the perfect way to find people with your interests, it’s so friendly, and so cool. Like, I get to dress up, meet people who enjoy my interests and LOOK LIKE THEM TOO, and people call all of that weird and cringe!? People really hate happiness!!!

Image source: Bright_Train135, Donald Tong

#14 Repairing my clothes. I used to throw out everything that had even the smallest scratch or rip on it. Now I try to care for my things.

Image source: DanielG198, Gustavo Fring

#15 Buying a mini van. Having doors that open like magic and not having to worry about kids flinging them into anything else wonderful…and the space inside is just glorious! I hate that I loved my van!

Image source: socks4doby, Hape Monaheng

#16 Watching birds. I used to think it was for old eccentrics, but now I’m a homeowner with a massive oak tree in the back yard and it’s like a giant bird perch for every tiny dinosaur in town. I enjoy sitting in the kitchen and checking out who is up there, using my binoculars.

Image source: VapoursAndSpleen

#17 Calling the cops on my disrespectful frat boy neighbors for their 100+ people parties in their backyard. Chug chug chug chants at midnight were awful and no matter how much I texted that the music was too loud they’d reply “we turned it down”. Bro, turning your rave music down from 9 to 8 isn’t acceptable when 3 should be max volume at 2am.

Image source: UrbanSurfDragon, Jacob Bentzinger

Finally did what I said I’d never do and called the sheriff about a noise complaint. I had to do it seven times over four months, progressively earlier in the night, until they finally stopped and eventually moved out. Some of those complaints were on weekdays after 1 am

Towards the end I loved hearing the complaints from the partyers as they waited for their rides with all the lights on, the music off, and the cops present.

Bros, I told you I had young kids. Don’t f**k with dad.

#18 I am now happier when getting home appliances than getting video games. Like, i was excited that i got a non stick pan and a strainer.

Image source: Bubbly-Weekend-9657, Cooker King

#19 Play games , as a kid I was so against the idea and considered myself better for not consuming games , now I understand that I was an a*****e.

Image source: bestcheesesandwich, cottonbro studio

#20 Mushrooms. It helped tremendously with my mental health.

Image source: wiegraffolles

#21 Gardening. It seemed like a boring old people hobby to me. I guess I’m old now because I love it.

Image source: VigilantTapioca, Karolina Kaboompics

#22 Leaving the church.

Image source: almostselfrealised

#23 Liking a job without a career plan. I can’t get any promotions, I’m stuck in my category unless I study a degree (not gonna happen, I’m 45) but I love it. Almost no responsibilities, pay is on time (only half decent) and 7 hour shifts are great.

Image source: V12Stig, JESHOOTS.COM

#24 Getting married to my best friend. S***s dope when it’s right.

Image source: Confused-Raccoon, Emma Bauso

#25 I once said to my wife “I’ll never have a boss again!”

Image source: Tinpotray, Andrea Piacquadio

(After I’d successfully built a nice business)

After 8 years my business faltered and after much stress and heartache I applied for a job. I got it hired and was made redundant after 18 months. Got another job and I’m there for the past 18 months and I couldn’t be happier.

Far less stress, a regular (very good) income and I still do some consulting on the side in the same field as my old business.

So life is so much sweeter now that I have a boss.

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