25 ‘Low-Stakes’ Conspiracy Theories That Sound Intriguingly Possible

Published 4 months ago

The world is brimming with mysteries, offering endless opportunities for exploration. It’s this vastness that makes conspiracy theories so intriguing and enjoyable. From grand-scale narratives like the moon landing conspiracy to smaller, more obscure tales, there’s a conspiracy theory for every level of curiosity.

Recently, a viral thread on X (formerly Twitter) turned the spotlight on low-stakes conspiracy theories, inviting people to share their favourite examples. Scroll below to delve into a few of the most intriguing theories submitted by folks.

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Cosmikid: Nice theory! Worth more investigating!


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Ace: Nothing’s to stop you taking the empty bottle through and refilling it on the other side of security, Some airports even have free water fountains specifically for this purpose.


Image source: Grunty420

Did I say that out loud? (he/him)cis/het: This one is really funny because they’ve never heard me caterwauling in my Black Country accent.


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Trevor Nicholson: If they are saying this, it’s because they have experience with incredibly stupid people.


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David: Um, many people in the fashion industry have literally been saying this for years, Ralph Lauren said that is what he was told when he started out.


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KillerKiwi: I don’t see us eating plastic accidentally. (Oh wait…)


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David: Many expiration dates on many non-food items are based on when the items start to break down, but can be safe long beyond it. But that is when it loses its scent, color, sediment separation, etc, which affects their branding reputation


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Cosmikid : I LOVE IT!! I’ll never touch another rock without thinking about this!!


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