Guy Dresses Up His Manatee Mailbox For Different Occasions Throughout The Year, And His Neighbors Love It

Published 6 years ago

Sometimes your lawn needs a little bit of extra character that will make people turn their heads, and we bet nothing else can give you that exact effect the same way as a manatee mailbox.

Yes, you heard it right, a 5′ tall mailbox made out of fiberglass shaped like a manatee can be yours for just under $600, and when you finally set it up, you’re welcomed to go all out with it. At least that is exactly what one twitter user’s neighbor is doing by dressing up the mailbox for various occasions. By no surprise, many people find it pretty amusing and are looking forward to every wardrobe change of the cute-looking mailbox.

The company producing the mailboxes is affiliated with Save The Manatee Club and invites everyone to support the cause by looking into the issue and maybe getting a funky lawn decoration. Scroll down to see the creative possibilities it can give to the owner.


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You may already be familiar with manatee mailboxes, AKA the most adorable thing to ever happen

Image credits: diplomat314

Well, get ready to join the rest of the Internet in being absolutely obsessed with them

Image credits: Unknown

It’s all thanks to one Twitter user in Florida, whose neighbor dialed his manatee mailbox game up to 100

Image credits: Marleyey

Image credits: Marleyey

Image credits: Marleyey

Image credits: Marleyey

Come on – you know everyone loved it!


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