20 Common Relationship Experiences For Women That Are Uncommon For Men

Published 3 weeks ago

In the vast landscape of Reddit discussions, threads often emerge that invite users to delve into the nuances of human experiences. One such recent query that sparked intrigue and contemplation was posed as follows: “What is something men don’t get to experience in relationships but girls do?”

This thought-provoking question ignited a flurry of responses, offering insights into the unique perspectives and experiences that individuals of different genders encounter within the realm of romantic relationships. Let’s explore some of the enlightening revelations that surfaced from this candid discussion.

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Image source: madcurly, Boris Britva

I sent my boyfriend flowers, just because I love him, and miss him, no special occasion.

I wrote a card in his native language (with some help) and he thought at first that it was either the church he affiliated or maybe his parents. When he read the card and realized it was me, he was very happy and said it was the first time he got flowers (ever).

Never seen a brighter smile.

Guys deserve flowers too!


Image source: VergaDeVergas, Omar Lopez

I drive 2 hours to visit my girl for a few days when I get off work around 10pm and she gives me gas money. I almost started crying the first time lmao.


Image source: PaisleyPatchouli, Dương Trí

I sent my husband flowers, at his workplace, on his birthday once. Then I kept thinking,I wonder if I had done the right thing. He was the boss and maybe his staff would rib him about them but he came home absolutely thrilled.

He said the female staff members are always getting flowers but he was the only male who had gotten any.


Image source: FartAttack911, Nikolai Ulltang

My bf borrowed one of my baggy hoodies last week to take our trash out real quick. When he came in, he said how this must be how girls feel when they steal their bf’s hoodies; he didn’t wanna give it back ?.


Image source: BootyOffBright, Conor Brown

For example the other day I brought a little lunch box and a handwritten card to work for my boyfriend. He texted me right away saying this is first time he got a card, how touched he was, how happy he was. (Mind you, this guy had a certain number of girlfriends.)

Little did I expect it to also be a shared experience – a video call with him next morning with all his friends pushing in the screen telling me how happy he was last night and how they all enjoyed my food.


Image source: odd_leo, Rūta Celma

Not a relationship but friendship. My friend brought me salt and chocolate from Europe, and that s**t meant so much to me. I’ve never received a gift from a friend for no reason before. The fact that she was thinking of me when buying gifts just makes me feel lucky.

I will treasure our friendship till the day I die lol.


Image source: greeneyedwench, Resume Genius

Getting called “girls” while men get to be called men.


Image source: WMan37, Centre for Ageing Better

Unprompted affection. Security. The extreme luxury of not having to make the first move and potentially putting your reputation on the line if that move is unwanted, because men won’t accuse you of being a creep unless you are literally threatening them with violence, doxxing, or stalking them, they’ll be grateful you see them in that way but decline if they’re not interested. Women however will accuse you of being a creep for simply being socially awkward but still showing interest.


Image source: Street_Ad_3822, Marius Christensen

Being pursued or complimented. I dated quite a bit when I was younger and have been married 6 years. I have no clue what any of these women liked about me. About 4 years into our marriage I asked my wife (admittedly not a super eloquent person) and she said a few things but they were all things I do and not things about me.


Image source: Nankilslas, HAYA JAUNI

I’ve never received a heartfelt, thoughtful gift. I’ve always gotten the stereotypical man gifts (e.g. socks, ties, a shirt).

It’s peculiar to me because I have so many interests. I love watches, hand tools, motorcycles, hiking, reading, computers, etc.


Image source: espressokitty23, cottonbro studio

When i was with my ex, we took a vacation and i LOVED taking pics of him. I remember when he was looking through some of the pics, and he said “ive never had anyone take pictures of me like this” and he just looked so genuinely happy.


Image source: samaaronwhiting

Gonna admit from experience that its probably… Stable affection. Unless the guy is a little unhinged, they’ll care even when we physically cannot care about them back (in the middle of a fit).


Image source: TimeThief_, Etienne Boulanger

Being able to tell your partner that they did something which upset you without having to apologise to them afterwards.


Image source: PartGlobal1925, No Revisions

How effortless it is in the beginning.

Men usually have to initiate the first conversation.


Image source: Accomplished_Egg6239, Nathan McBride

Being told I’m attractive. Held. Cuddled. Spooned.


Image source: MrBallTickler2, Oziel Gómez

Regular compliments, men dont get them often. In fact I still remember a girl who complimented my eyebrows nearly 10 years ago ?.


Image source: I_wood_rather_be, Chermiti Mohamed

I had a gf that would defend me (or rather my oppinions/ decisions) against others at any cost. Even when I knew she’d disagree personally.

When I asked her why, she basically said “You are my man, and I want evrybody to know that you are the best thing that can happen to anybody. So they need to know that I stand 100% behind you.” I found that a little odd, but it was a great feeling to have someone that has your back this way. She never spoke bad about me and would always tell anyone how great I was.


Image source: Technical-Chips-580, Yura Timoshenko

Revealing their true, deep down feelings about whats on their mind. thats definitely not to say girls can’t be loving,accepting caring partners. But I would say that most guys I know have only revealed their truest darkest thoughts to another male friend. again, not to say girls dont have difficulties in relationships too.


Image source: Hedgehog_Insomniac, Jéssica Oliveira

I always get the better thing. If we’re at a show or sporting event, he gives me the better seat. If we split something, he makes sure I get the better half, I get the better plane seat, etc. I try to let/force him to take the better option but he will not under any circumstances accept it. This could be an age thing though. We’re 44 and 46.

Edited to add, I do most of the cooking so when I plate our food, I will give him the better looking plate. He doesn’t know though so he doesn’t know what it’s like to experience.


Image source: brownlawn, Kelly Sikkema

People recognize the effort that moms get, but in 10years of being a dad. Only my own dad has recognized my effort.

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