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Illustrations Show The Struggles Of Living With Mental Illness

Published 5 years ago

Mental illness can be a hard one to spot, but you would be surprised of how many people are actually suffering from it daily. That’s why illustrator Gemma Correll teamed up with Mental Health America to shed more light on the problem by producing a series of insightful comics #MENTALILLNESSFEELSLIKE.

In them, she compresses grand issues in very brief and relatable sketches that talk about people suffering from depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and bipolar disorder.

Awesome work that helps us to be more thoughtful and less judgmental towards people whose problems are not so obvious.

More info: gemma correll | instagram (h/t: designtaxi)

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mental-illness-feels-like-illustrations-gemma-correll- 3

mental-illness-feels-like-illustrations-gemma-correll- 2

mental-illness-feels-like-illustrations-gemma-correll- 1

mental-illness-feels-like-illustrations-gemma-correll- 5

mental-illness-feels-like-illustrations-gemma-correll- 6

mental-illness-feels-like-illustrations-gemma-correll- 9

mental-illness-feels-like-illustrations-gemma-correll- 12

mental-illness-feels-like-illustrations-gemma-correll- 4

mental-illness-feels-like-illustrations-gemma-correll- 8

mental-illness-feels-like-illustrations-gemma-correll- 11

mental-illness-feels-like-illustrations-gemma-correll- 7

mental-illness-feels-like-illustrations-gemma-correll- 10


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