30 ‘Mildly Interesting’ Things People Spotted And Shared In This Online Group (New Pics)

Published 1 year ago

Have you ever seen something that’s not too fascinating yet it captivated your attention for some reason? Observant people are really good at spotting these things.

In fact, thanks to those observant folks, we have a subreddit devoted to Mildly Interesting” things. Scroll below to see some of their best posts. Also, check out our previous posts here and here!

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#1 My Beer Glass Is An Upside Down Beer Bottle

Image source: blowthepoke

#2 My To-Go Order Had A Frowney Face Written On The Bag

Image source: ConsiderationKind436

#3 My Prof In College Drew A Map Of The Entire World From Memory

Image source: Solid-Kaleidoscope70

#4 New York City Commissions Local Artists To Paint Their Garbage Trucks

Image source: NYC_Underground

#5 Found The End Of A Rainbow

Image source: xCnuty

#6 This Plaque Outside Of A Church In Alexandria Virginia Acknowledging, Apologizing To And Thanking The Slaves Who Built The Church

Image source: Mal5341

#7 Poison Bottle I Found On The Beach

Image source: JP51MW

#8 Lost Pigeon In The Middle Of The Pacific Ocean

Image source: Return_Equivalent

#9 I Somehow Managed To Make A Reverse Fried Egg

Image source: simdaisies

#10 Bird Laid A Nest In Our Holiday Wreath And Had Babies

Image source: ZKK161820

#11 My New Periodic Table Shower Curtain Includes 7 New Elements That Weren’t Included When I Bought The Previous One About 15 Years Ago

Image source: bennetthaselton

#12 Atlanta Airport Has A Corn Jet

Image source: LikeBigTrucks

#13 The Candle Is Actually Butter To Dip The Bread In

Image source: priceactionhero

#14 This Whole Potato Made It Into My Bag Of Chips

Image source: del_454

#15 This Building I’m In Has A Hole That Goes Across All The Floors

Image source: Sebasiso

#16 Pills From 1947

Image source: KerchBridgeSmoker

#17 Came Across This Upside Down House

Image source: climberofrock

#18 A Man Using A Disposable Film Camera To Take Pictures At Aaa Baseball Game Today

Image source: SwankaTheGrey

#19 This Rock With An Almost Perfect Star-Shaped Crystal In It

Image source: laduguer

#20 These Picnic Benches Are Mounted On Old Streetcar Tracks So They Can Roll Together Or Apart

Image source: Austin_Destroyer

#21 This Building In Tokyo Is Literally The Width Of A Door

Image source: frostkaiser

#22 Gravestone That Looks Like A Maze

Image source: cguiopmnrew

#23 Plug Has A Diagram Showing The Layout Of Its Wires Inside And Shows Which Is The Ground

Image source: IWindsOfMidgets

#24 The High School I Delivered To Has A Skateboard Parking Space In The Office

Image source: Maximum_Overhype

#25 I Came Across This Hexagon/Pentagon Structured Mushroom

Image source: ZaydMenk

#26 A Huge Sugar Crystal Grew At The Bottom Of My Maple Syrup Can

Image source: nico87ca

#27 Lizard Footprints On My Laptop

Image source: satyamas

#28 This Pizza Box Has The Phone Number For The National Human Trafficking Resource Hotline

Image source: Common-Organization5

#29 Yesterday At The Beach A Wild Young Seal Came To Rest Beside Me

Image source: SplifoX

#30 My 9 Year Old Nephew Has Found Over 1500 “Lucky” Four Leaf Clovers And Keeps Them In A Big Binder

Image source: The_Littlest_Teapot

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Saumya is an explorer of all things beautiful, quirky, and heartwarming. With her knack for art, design, photography, fun trivia, and internet humor, she takes you on a journey through the lighter side of pop culture.

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