Artist Creates Beautiful Tattoos That Are Anything But Traditional

Published 10 years ago

The tattoos of a bygone era, championed by sailors, bikers and rebels, have a healthy share of supporters among modern tattoo enthusiasts, but there’s also plenty of room for innovation. Improving dye quality and tattoo tool technology allows creative enterprising tattoo artists like Seattle-based Steph Hanlon to create new tattoo artists for those who want something different.

Hanlon’s tattoos are an excellent example of many of the styles that are becoming more and more popular among modern tattoo artists – she herself calls her style “eclecticism.” Geometric elements, splashes of colorful paint, watercolor themes, and overlapping abstract motifs are all becoming more and more popular, and they all feature heavily in her work.

Now’s a good time to get a tattoo – you can draw inspiration from long tradition of more traditional but still rebellious tattoos, or take advantage of new trends and improved technology by getting a beautiful and innovative design.

Source: (via: laughingsquid)

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