For $1.3M You Can Purchase The Narrowest Home In London, Measuring At Just 5 ft 5 in Across

Published 4 years ago

By now, crazy real estate listings in London shouldn’t really surprise anyone – after all, someone recently tried to sell a 79 sq ft (7.3 sq m) apartment for $255 K. However, something interesting recently went up for sale in the city – an incredibly narrow home in the Shepherd’s Bush district. And when I say ‘narrow’, I mean it – it’s the narrowest house in London, if not the whole England, measuring at just 5 ft 5 in across. However, the house might be small but its price certainly isn’t – it’s currently up for sale for £950,000 ($1.3M).

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The narrowest house in London recently went up for sale for £950,000 ($1.3M)

Image credits: winkworth

The building used to be a hat shop at one point, indicated by the hat-shaped lamp still present in the window.

The house’s price nearly doubled since the last time it was sold

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The house might be narrow but every inch of it is used to maximize the space so you hardly even notice it. All rooms in the home are arranged over five floors and include two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a terrace.

Back in 2009, the building was purchased by a lawyer for $700,000

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On the lower ground floor, you can find a dining area with a glass ceiling and an exit to the garden.

The house even comes with its own garden

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On the first floor (the second floor if you’re using American standards), you’ll find an exit to the beautiful roof terrace where you can sip tea on sunny days.

And a cozy terrace

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On the second floor, you’ll find a bathroom, complete with a beautiful bathtub

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According to the listing, the house comes with an “original deco bathtub” – pretty surprising for such a narrow home.

There’s even a little indoor balcony above it – just don’t think about jumping in

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On the top floor, you’ll find a cozy bedroom with a built-in bed

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“Some worry that they would feel compressed in a six-foot-wide house but counter-intuitively this is a space that works – in much the way a luxury yacht does,” says the home’s listing. “There are almost too many features to mention but here are a few as a taster – Aga powered, Nest controlled central heating system, beautiful period parquets flooring, original deco bath tub, roof terrace and double full height glass doors leading from the glazed dining area out onto the recently and brilliantly planted private patio garden.”

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“If you like traditional properties that ‘tick all the boxes’ then the chances are this is not for you,” continues the listing. “If, however, you don’t like boxes and you like to entertain, enjoy the quirky and charming and feel there is more to life than two up, two down then come and see a truly special home.”

“Viewings have never been so highly recommended,” says the home’s real estate listing

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Back in the 90s, the house was owned by fashion photographer Juergen Teller. In 2006, it was purchased by Pride and Prejudice star Simon Woods before being sold again in 2009.

This floor plan might give you a better idea of how the house is arranged

Image credits: winkworth

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