25 Times People Were Surprised By Celebs As They Discovered Their Humble Nature

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Meeting a celebrity can be a dream come true for many people. It’s a chance to interact with someone whose work has inspired, entertained, or influenced us in some way. However, there’s a common adage that warns against meeting your heroes, suggesting that the reality might not live up to the expectation.

Yet, in a recent thread on Reddit, users shared their celebrity encounters that defied this notion, revealing heartwarming and unexpected interactions that left a lasting impression. Here are some of the fascinating responses that challenge the “never meet your heroes” rule.

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Image source: Misdirected_Colors, Warner Bros. Pictures

Never met him, but Steve Carrell has a video where he explains why he hates Ryan Gosling.

It’s because in his free time Gosling spends a lot of time doing charity work. No cameras, not social media posts, no reporters. He doesn’t do it for clout, he does it because he’s a genuinely good person who recognizes how fortunate he is and wants to help others.

Ryan Gosling is the type of incredibly wholesome person that makes you feel like you feel like s**t because you see him and feel like you need to do more to follow his example.

And that’s why Steve Carrell hates Ryan gosling.


Image source: oceanswim63, abc

Terry Prachett on one his new book signing tours at a small bookstore. Really nice talk and meet and greet during the signing.

Gahan Wilson, cartoonist, at a Comicon. He took time to draw something for everyone in line. He talked with both my daughters and I have a drawing of them by him. Really genuine and nice person.


Image source: ClarityByHilarity, nbc

Dolly Parton.

She’s an incredible person. When I was a kid, my grandma was an in home care nurse for a sweet paralyzed man. He loved Dolly. She was in town for a concert and someone had reached out to her, she came to the house and sat with him and my grandma for two hours. My grandma cooked and she ate every bite and sat around with them acting like anyone else who was visiting would.

She’s just really a lovely person.


Image source: bentnotbroken96, Conan O’Brien

I’ve told the story before, but Robin Williams.

When I got out of the Army, I was working as a security guard. I was guarding one of those $500/plate rubber chicken dinner charity events, when I noticed a little hairy guy on the other side of the velvet rope about 10′ away. It was Robin Williams. I didn’t stare or say anything, I just went back to watching the crowd.

When he got up next to me, he struck up a conversation. I was absolutely nobody and he was very kind.


Image source: Luet_box, Netflix

Adam Driver came to see us when I was stationed in Korea. Nicest dude, made sure to meet and talk with each of us that showed up.


Image source: anon, summit entertainment

Keanu Reeves in a jam packed subway car. Who almost knocked me over as we were climbing the steps to the exit.


Image source: AussieGirl27, Rick Astley

Rick Astley. He is the kindest, most lovely guy. I got to meet him backstage as I had a connection with one of his team at the time and I hung out together with him and his band, he gave me wine and offered me toast!

10/10 would recommend meeting Rick Astley.


Image source: Foxglove166, pbs

Mr. Rogers. I lived in his neighborhood during the summers (I really did live in Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood!). He and his family were authentically lovely people.


Image source: Cultural_Antelope_95, Fox Searchlight Pictures

Michael Keaton- he was filming a movie in our neighborhood. While all the other actors would run to their trailers between scenes, he would sit on the curb and BS with anyone who wanted to. Very down to earth guy.


Image source: SeriesBusiness9098, cbs

Stephen King. Ran into him at a gas station as I was pulling in to gas up, he pointed to one of the pumps and said “that one’s out of order”.

It is not a thrilling tale, just a hero author saving me a few minutes of time going to a gas pump that wasn’t working. Everyone who has lived in maine probably has an identical story. King is always in random places being a solidly normal and decent dude.


Encountered Robin Williams in an airport years ago. He was every bit as funny and kind as you’d hope, making jokes and genuinely asking about my day. That encounter still brings a smile to my face.

Image source: Live-You2983


Eddie the Dog from Frasier (real name Moose). I helped put on a giant dog festival in Seattle in 2000 and Eddie was a special guest. He was so god damned chill; even with hundreds of people wanting to pet him. Not sure why I thought he might be high strung but not at all. Later we went up the space needle with his handler and had a lovely dinner.

Image source: lazespud2


Meeting Sir Ian McKellen after a stage performance was a dream come true. He was gracious, witty, and incredibly humble, taking time to sign autographs and speak with fans. It was a magical experience.

Image source: Competitive-Role7985


Image source: melloponens, British Library

Neil Gaiman was utterly lovely. It was supposed to be a signing only, no personalization, but he personalized both my books and my friend’s without us asking and was overall just very nice.


Image source: Goddessviking86, Conan O’Brien

Stan Lee he was so humble and loved every single one of his fans. He used to call me She-Hulk whenever he saw me.


Betty White. Who’d of thunk it, right? /s
Met here at a charity fundraiser for a guide dog school and she couldn’t have been more gracious. Took time to speak with most everyone in the room.

Oh yeah, Charles Barkley is a pretty good dude also.

Image source: kcfdr9c


Image source: ReasonablyConfused, nbc

Ewan McGregor was as nice as you’d ever hope for. Chatted about his brother and flying for a half hour, as easy as could be.


Image source: Both_Version

Weird Al and Fred Armisen. Both were some of the nicest, down-to-earth gents I ever met.


Image source: dressinbrass, Pearl Jam

Eddie Vedder is one of the nicest humans on the planet. Met him a few times and he is just so kind and warm and funny. And such a huge music fan.

David Evans, aka The Edge is the same.


Image source: HoraceBenbow, cbs

Henry Rollins.

At the time I was teaching a college writing course. We looked at Henry’s, admittedly bad, poetry and read some of his prose stuff as well as listened to Rollins Band songs to discuss the lyrics. He came to a nearby town to do one of his spoken word shows. I emailed him to see if he’d do a Q&A with my students, not expecting him to answer. He did. He said he could meet with us for 30 minutes after the show. He did just that, answering all my students’ questions, and the thing was he answered each of them with long, thoughtful answers. Nothing was canned or cliche. Then he let us take a pic with him.

The man was everything I hoped my celebrity hero would be.


Image source: Softsocksearcher, Foo Fighters

Dave Grohl. Ran into him at the Northridge mall all by himself and he totally stopped for a minute while I gushed like a star struck 9 year old. Super cool guy! Chino Moreno also. Hung out at the pool in Vegas before thier set and he totally just talked with me like nothing for a hlaf hour. Both bad a*s singers and super cool guys!


Image source: Whatever-ItsFine

Willie Nelson. After a long show in a big honkytonk bar, he stayed after to meet anyone who wanted to meet him.


I got to interview Dick Van Dyke once, having admired his work for years, and he was every inch as charming, friendly, voluble, and modest as you could hope.

Image source: AnotherPint


Saw Michelle Obama at a book signing, and she was every bit as elegant and insightful in person. She made time to have a real conversation with each person, making the experience unforgettable.

Image source: Careless_Self_4623


Vincent Price. He came to my university to lecture and afterward stood in the doorway of the men’s dressing room of the auditorium talking to us for about an hour while we stood in the hallway. If it hadn’t been later than 11:00 p.m., I think he would have kept talking.

I don’t think he ever met a stranger, and he was the nicest most approachable human being. But very very tall. And very very elegant. And entirely on his own. No assistant, no manager.

Image source: Initial-Shop-8863

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