20 Obvious Things People Have Recently Realized, As Shared In This Online Thread

Published 2 years ago

All of us figure out things at our own pace, but sometimes the lack of knowledge of common things leads to embarrassment. It’s really funny how the human brain sometimes just misses out on ‘obvious’ information.

Recently a Redditor negan2018′ put forward this question on R/AskReddit – “What really obvious thing have you only just realized?”, and people shared stories and instances of their embarrassingly late realizations. Scroll below to read some of the funny answers and smile!

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Image source: Kaylakamrie

“Super embarrassing but in college I would order Roman Cokes because I heard everyone else ordering the same…turns out I misheard everyone and found out it was just rum and coke.”


Image source: Flibble21

“The first time I visited the USA I was on my own and in NY and going to all the museums. I kept seeing signs that said “No strollers” and thought, because we call strollers prams in the UK, that you guys are super strict about the proper amount of attention required to visit a museum. I actually pretended to show more interest than I had in order not to be thougth of as some deadbeat out for a casual stroll.

It wasn’t until about day three that I saw a “No strollers” sign that included a graphic for idiots.”


Image source: denmark-the-best

“I live in Denmark so english is not my native language and I just realised that weekend means the end of the week.”


Image source: Seacreeplandcreep

“For a long time I thought “to bust a nut” meant that you were going to kick a guy in the balls or beat him up. So anytime I was getting worked up or angry talking about some guy I would say ” I’m going to bust his f*cking nut” not knowing the real meaning. Nobody ever said anything but it was always followed by my friends laughing so I assumed it was because I was being dramatic.

Years go by and my coworker is telling me about some rude person he met and I said “you should definitely bust that guy’s nut”, to which he paused and said “do you even know what that means?” Suffice it to say I was extremely embarrassed and horrified when he explained it to me.”


Image source: matthewdeanschmittw

“I thought astigmatism was A stigmatism. So I thought you could have two astigmatism.”


Image source: Doggieboy5

“When I was little we had an Australian shepherd named Sydney. I didn’t understand why her name was Sydney until 18 years later.”


Image source: woodyprowlers

“That to take off the plastic piece on top of deodorant you just simply twist the bottom a few times lmao.”


Image source: MiscWalrus

“That big ship’s wheel I got to turn as a kid was not actually controlling the cruise ship.”


Image source: marshmeowllo

“My friend (22 y.o) only realized last year that dolphins have to swim and live in the water to survive. He thought they’re land mammals but they just really like to swim for fun.”


Image source: hi_its_lizzy616

“The houses in Bikini Bottom are car mufflers…”


Image source: Canwerevolt

“I recently realized I was allergic to carrots. I just thought they made everyone’s mouth numb, you know, just like almonds…. I also learned recently that I have an almond allergy.”


Image source: PoTinkTink17

“This girl I know has a dog named Deoji. Two years into knowing her and being around Deoji, I was having a conversation with her sister in law and I said “I love the name Deoji, how did she come up with that?” Her sister in law responds, “Deoji” and I said “yea, it’s a neat name”. She started laughing and said “No, D.O.G. …the way you spell dog”

I’m still mindblown about this lol.”


Image source: L00katTheAww

“The Grammys are called that because the awards are gramophones.”


Image source: ekoth

“The song “it’s getting hot in here” isn’t actually talking about here temperature

I felt very, very stupid.”


Image source: thisisisle

“This is going to make me seem dumb as hell but I recently realized why pickles don’t ever.. come fresh…”


Image source: Tonychina23

“Not me but my sister asked me about 2 and a half months ago when we were watching John Wick 3 during the desert scene she asked me if they were real and I asked if what were real and she said “Sand Lands” and I busted out laughing so god damn hard and said “you mean deserts? Yes they’re real”. Thinking about it right now Got me laughing.”


Image source: haleyrose927

“I regret to inform you all that it just occurred to me the other day that the game is called Sims because they’re in a simulation. I’m 26.”


Image source: BeastofWhimsy

“I realized that to be in one’s birthday suit it means to be without clothes. I thought for the longest time it was a specific set of clothes you would wear on your birthday each year. I found out when I asked, “what happens when you don’t fit in your birthday suit anymore?” Lol”


Image source: currentlydownvoted

“That parents have children write letters to Santa so they can figure out what to buy them for Christmas. I can’t believe how I never put that together after 32 years on this earth I just thought it was fun little tradition..”


Image source: iamconfusion0815

“That they put measurement stickers next to gas station doors so if a robber is running out of the store you can get a better estimate of their height. I always thought they were just there for something fun to do on road trip stops….”

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