News Presenter Gets Traditional Face Tattoo And Inspires This Woman To Give People A Lesson On Respect

Published 4 years ago

New Zealand news presenter Oriini Kaipara surprised many viewers by getting a moko kauae, a traditional Māori lower chin tattoo worn by women and becoming the first TV presenter to have one. Just a few years before, the woman had taken a DNA test and found out that she is 100% Māori so her decision to get a traditional face tattoo shouldn’t be that surprising. Yet it still came as a shock to many people, some of which felt the need to make some snarky comments about it. Tired of this discrimination, a woman named Taj Anwar Baoll, took it to Facebook to give people a little lesson on respect.

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Image credits: dopestbabiesmama

Taj herself has a coworker who had recently gotten a moko kauae and was flooded with people asking why she did it. Apparently, some of them even thought it was okay to touch the facial tattoo without asking.

Image credits: dopestbabiesmama

The woman’s post quickly went viral and hopefully it will teach people to be more respectful towards other peoples’ choices. “What it boils down to really… is stop being entitled and nosy. Everything ain’t for you to know OR understand,” concluded Taj.

Image credits: dopestbabiesmama

In an interview with the Herald, Kaipara herself said that she hopes her tattoo will help others break barriers and that the feedback has been amazing and humbling. “I did my best and that’s all I wanted,” said the woman. “It’s not just about me, it’s about taking opportunities and opening up opportunities for moko wearers, for Māori – I don’t want this to be a one-hit wonder.”

People supported Taj’s message

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