20 Celeb Scandals That Weren’t Actually As Big A Deal As Media Made It Out To Be

Published 11 months ago

Whatever celebs do are often regarded as larger than life and inevitably become news fodder. The dramas that surround them are frequently played up by the media to create more interest and increase viewership. But while the media is known for blowing things out of proportion, we still fall for much of the hype. 

Redditor, u/vantae-bts decided to expose these famous celeb dramas that weren’t actually such a big deal when you think about it. They posted the question “Reddit, what outrage over a celebrity was way overblown?”, to the online community and as usual folks did not disappoint in their responses. Below are a collection of such incidents folks felt matched the situation, where certain celeb scandals created a massive media frenzy and public blowback but not all these cases deserved such condemnation. 

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#1 Britney Spears when she had her meltdowns. The woman was bullied and harassed at such an insane level, it would make anyone snap.

Image source: Elle12881, Drew de F Fawkes

#2 George Michael being asked by an undercover cop if he wants to see his thing, he said sure. So everyone found out he was gay and that was a huge no no. Gay meant pervert back then. Really sad and he never recovered mentally. Pisses me off. Just wasn’t fair.

Image source: has2give, georgemofficial

#3 Obama’s brown suit

Image source: magicmann2614, CNN

#4 The controversy about Meghan Markle being mixed. So f*****g what?

Image source: TheMegatrizzle, Northern Ireland Office

#5 Monica Lewinsky- America did her dirty.

Image source: Letsgosomewherenice, monica_lewinsky

#6 Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction.

Image source: ripplerider, janetjackson

#7 Kaepernick kneeling

Image source: cadcamm99, Daniel W. Hartwig

#8 Aziz Ansari’s bad date

Image source: KenyaLaray, David Shankbone

#9 When the female soccer player won and took off her shirt, and had a sports bra under it. My God, you would have thought all of the world just witness their first look at a stomach

Image source: Creepy_Society5958, Karolina Grabowska

#10 Simone Biles not being able to perform at the Olympics.

Fox News got outraged over an athlete, who was having issues and couldn’t perform

I remember people crying about how she “stole” from other athletes who would have otherwise taken her spot. “There’s a young woman who could have gone to the Olympics if *she* didn’t want to do her job!”

I also vaguely remember when people screamed about her taking adderall. Which she was prescribed, and wasn’t taking it as a PED.

Also, keeping up with the US women’s gymnastics – when people got up in arms ahout Gabby Douglas not putting her hand over her heart for the national anthem. Bro, she represented your country, she clearly isn’t anti-American

Image source: marilern1987, simonebiles

#11 No doubt that Martha Stewart was accused of insider trading and put in prison, yet every politician in Washington become millionaires from insider information. The amount she made was minuscule compared.

Image source: minigopher, marthastewart

#12 Charlie Chaplin was labelled a Communist and was told his re-entry to the United States would be subject to investigation into his political views. Charlie just decided never to come back to America. Once the documents became unsealed, it was revealed government officials had nothing on him despite publicly stating they did.

Image source: smilysmilysmooch, Comet Photo AG (Zürich)

#13 Any female celeb who was shamed for existing.

Anne Hathaway when paparazzi took and published an up-skirt photo when she was exiting a car. Miley Cyrus for legally smoking salvia with her friends in her home, or when a world famous photographer took a photo that the media deemed whore-ish, despite it not being her idea and she was a kid AND was covered. Brittani Spears for being a human and not perfect, etc. the media is hard af on women for just being human.

Image source: ODB247

#14 Obama being distracted and [not returning a salute](https://youtu.be/Np7lObaDiBk) from a Marine while boarding Marine One, despite immediately going back down the stairs to acknowledge the guy and shake his hand.

Idiots at the time claimed the pilot wouldn’t let him board, as if any serving officer would end their career disrespecting the Commander in Chief who as a civilian was under no obligation to return a salute in the first place.

Also the time Obama did salute, but had a coffee cup in his hand.

Image source: cruiserman_80, CNN

#15 Remember when Lizzo played that glass flute and ~~racists~~ conservatives lost their s**t because she was “disrespecting the history” or some nonsense?

Image source: VVillyD

#16 Michael Phelps ripping a bong

Image source: Tshimanga21, m_phelps00

#17 People were angrier at Billie Eilish mouthing an anti Asian slur from a Tyler the creator song when she was 15, than actually being angry at Tyler the Creator for ADDING THAT SLUR INTO THE SONG in the first place.

Image source: carissadraws, billieeilish

#18 The Chicks (formerly Dixie Chicks) and the whole thing with George W Bush

Image source: anon, Wasted Time R

#19 Remember when Jessica Simpson wore that hideous outfit and every news outlet everywhere talked about how huge she was and how much weight she had gained and she was like 105 lbs? Yet everyone was outraged that she was so “huge” and not that these crazies were calling a 105lb woman “huge”…

Image source: goldlion0806, jessicasimpson

#20 Any of them getting canceled for saying 1 bad word 10+ years ago.

Image source: warlordwinters, Brett Sayles

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