25 Cringeworthy Habits That Signal Someone Is Stuck In Their High School Phase

Published 3 weeks ago

High school—those formative years filled with memories, friendships, and experiences that shape individuals in profound ways. However, for some, high school becomes the peak of their existence, a zenith from which they never quite move forward.

Recently, a Redditor sparked a thought-provoking discussion on this very topic, asking the community, “What screams ‘this person peaked in high school’ to you?” The responses flooded in, offering intriguing insights into the behaviors and attitudes that often characterize those who remain stuck in the past.

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Image source: theawkwardambassador, Riley McCullough

I coulda went pro if I didn’t blow out my knee in the playoffs senior year!

We know Mike, you never shut up about it.


Image source: Pglynn123, Jeffrey F Lin

They’ll scream at their kids at their sports games as if its a world championship lol.


Image source: Fun-Tradition-327, Taylor Flowe

I had a teacher in high school who was always reminiscing about her days in high school and warning us that high school is the best time of our lives.

I’m a teacher now and I tell my students the opposite. You won’t need to see these people ever again, who you are now is not who you will be in the future, etc. Things can get better!


Image source: sadferrarifan, Surface

Only friends with people they went to school with. If you had something to offer post-school, you’d have managed at least one new friend.


Image source: 1234Dillon, Erika Giraud

Going back to the high school for any and every event.


Image source: Dangerous-Ocelot948, Element5 Digital

Mean girl energy over the age of 22-23.

It gives either you peaked in high school or you were bullied in high school and continued the cycle because you want to know what it feels like.


Image source: Dotard1, Steven Abraham

Telling teenagers that “These are the best years of your life, it’s all downhill from here.”


Image source: DarkestMoose538, Hunters Race

They call themselves alpha males.


Image source: ostsillyator, Jonas Leupe

When they keep trying to organize high school reunions more than a decade after graduation, even though no one ever responds to them.


They post their entire life on social media. Everytime little Jenny opens their eyes, or little Johnny brings home a new art piece from school. Every single date night, OOTD, and selfie all put on social media.

Image source: skinnyl0vexx


Image source: Aggravating-Fee-1615, LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Being in an MLM


Making fun of someone’s appearance

Image source: Visual_Status_4137


Image source: MaryinPgh, shyam mishra

Still wearing Class ring or letterman jacket.


Image source: Wemest, Rojan Maharjan

I spent some time with a company in the Texas Hill country I was a mid-thirties exec type. I was amazed how many middle aged women told me they were a cheer leader in high school.


Image source: weeklybuzzard, Janosch Diggelmann

I had a conversation in a bar with a drinking buddy years ago. The guy kept going on about “the one that got away.” How perfect she was and their chemistry together, how natural it was, how he hasn’t felt that way about any girl since, yadda yadda. He was feeling pretty sorry for himself and uninterested in meeting anyone else because they could never compare. When I asked how long ago it was that she moved away, he said “8th grade.” LMFAO


Image source: Dadpurple, SHVETS production

Getting in fist-fights as an adult. Especially at a bar when you’re drunk.


Image source: Interupting_Cows, Nicola Barts

My ex-husband is a prime example. He was a football, track, baseball, choir, and drama star. He was super popular and people fell at his feet.

Now he’s 50, balding, overweight, and a cocky know it all. He still has the “football star” big d**k energy but now its just sad. He’s old, frumpy, and he brags about high school and is an a*****e to everyone.

He likes to bully and control me and our kids. He told me during Covid lockdown that he was immune to all sickness and doctors should study him because he’s a perfect specimen.


Image source: sodapoptootsieroll, Kenny Eliason

My dad regularly watches video tapes of his high school basketball games. So probably that.


Image source: Ok_Maintenance_7924, Jeswin Thomas

It’s evident in those who never evolved past their high school persona—still stuck in the same mindset, habits, and attitudes they had as teenagers, refusing to grow and mature.


Joining an MLM.

naming their kid something like Nevaeh or Kinzleigh.

Living vicariously through their kid and making them join stuff they did when they were younger

They’re a pick me

Image source: cyaveronica


Image source: Hot-Butterscotch-913, Ryoji Iwata

You can tell when someone peaked in high school by how they approach life now—constantly chasing after faded dreams or living in a state of perpetual nostalgia, unable to move forward.


Image source: Glass_Status_5837, Ariel

People who still display their trophies, medals , homecoming tiaras etc while working a dead end job in their late 30s.

A few of the “popular girls” I went to high school with (graduated in 2000) literally never went on to do anything meaningful with their lives after high school…except to get married and post endless photos of their “perfect families.” No real college experiences, no travel, no job accomplishments. The captain of the pommer team who ended up taking a certain departmental award solely because her dad was the head of it literally does nothing but post all the perfect photos of her family….married for 20 years…no one has the heart to ask her if she knows that her husband cheats on her….with men.


Image source: cutelittlelina, Eric Ward

Difficulty adapting to new environments, challenges, or responsibilities beyond the structure and routine of high school life.


Image source: kgbjay, Feliphe Schiarolli

All their stories, all their accomplishments, all their succeses they mention were during high school.


Image source: WhiskeyThinker, Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu

Still bragging about your SAT score 10+ years later.

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