25 Ways People Cope When They Chose A Life Without Alcohol And Cigarettes

Published 4 days ago

In a world where many turn to alcohol or smoking to cope with stress and low points, those who abstain from these habits often have unique strategies for managing their toughest moments.

When someone on Reddit asked, “People who don’t drink or smoke, what do you do when you are at your lowest?”, the community responded with a wealth of practical and heartfelt advice.  The responses to the Reddit question reveal that there are numerous healthy ways to cope with low points without resorting to alcohol or smoking. Here are some of the most common and effective methods they shared.

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Force myself to go outside and lie in the sun. Even in winter. It’s nice, my dog always comes out with me. Sometimes we garden and potter in the vege garden. I hike a lot too. If it’s extra bad I’ll pack everything and go on an overnight hike. On my worst days I walk around the block with the dog. I can be as sad as I want but my dog doesn’t have to be sad too. Sometimes I hate those walks but the fresh air is nice. I also force myself to go the gym sometimes. That’s a new one I’m working on.


It sounds weird, but when my depression hits and I’m having a bad day, I do three things:

* Take the maximum dose of any available anti-inflammatory I have on hand (Tylenol, Ibuprofen).
* Go for a walk.
* Deliberately do something nice for someone else.


* Depression flare-ups and inflammation go hand in hand.
* Exercise moderates depression severity.
* And finally, it just makes me feel better knowing that someone’s day just got a little better.

It’s worked fairly well over time. :).

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I’m a peaceful suburban dad, but even I have my limits.

When all else fails, gardening with a motor whipper snipper – just the right mixture of gardening and violence. Vrooom vroom muthafucka.
(Honda variohead 345cc if anyone needs a model.).


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Eat cheesecake flavoured ice cream / sleep a lot.


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I self isolate pretty aggressively.


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Just lay in bed rotting away all day until my brain hits a reset (usually from a nap) where I can actually get up. Its f*****g miserable, I wont touch smoking or drinking knowing I’d use it to cope.


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Going out to eat at the park and watch cute animals especially cat and dogs.


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I do drink, but I definitely don’t touch a drop when I’m feeling low. That’s just asking for trouble. I’ll only ever have a drink if I’m in a good mood.


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Lay in bed all day. Binge use my phone. Maybe cry.

I do drink, but very little and only when I’m happy.


Jogging, meditation and family.

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Thug it out

I’d really like to hug it out instead but I can’t.


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When I’m feeling down, I just put on my comfiest PJs, grab a bag of Cheetos, and have a good old-fashioned Netflix binge-watching session. And by ‘good old-fashioned’, I mean I spend 3 hours watching cat videos and then wonder where the time went.


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Eat, sleep, cry, doom scroll for worse s**t.


Eat :/ I’ve gained 55 lbs in the last 3 years.

But I just had an appointment with my doctor yesterday for a weight loss plan, and I’m seeing a therapist. We’re working on it ?.

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Lie in bed

eat a lot or nothing at all


(editing to clarify for people in the replies that I do not stay in bed and cry all day and ruin my life. I mean these are things I do for a few hours/maybe half a day when I’m having a particularly bad time mentally. after that I’m perfectly capable of getting up and doing something more productive. crying my emotions out and resting before going out and making a plan and working on things makes me feel better.).


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Play games.


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Games & fiction, if i’ve some extra energy, run around the nearby lake for an hour.


Play PC games or watch some comfort shows like Friends or Gilmore Girls.

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Hey OP. 48 year old married father of two in the UK here. I’ve never smoked and stopped drinking about a year ago (shoutout to r/stopdrinking!)

When I get low, I’ll do the following:

– Examine the reasons I’m low then use the relevant techniques I was taught during counselling for anxiety a few years ago (I won’t bore you with the details – this works for some people and not others)

– Give myself something to look forward to – plan something to do with a hobby (RC cars for me – buying a £5 upgrade for my stupid little car cheers me up as I look forward to fitting it!), look at planning a trip in the future – doesn’t have to be expensive, just something to look forward to.

– I sincerely understand that you will not want to hear this – but if the above fails, I will get outside and exercise.

All the best from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.


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Lay in bed listening to a spotify playlist particularly catered for this kind of situation.


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I journal, go for a walk, or call a friend for support.


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Cry and become a burden to those around me.

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