20 Movie Scenes That Now Reside In The Cringe Hall Of Fame

Published 4 months ago

Cinephiles on Reddit have embarked on a thought-provoking journey, delving into the world of classic films and scenes that, despite their acclaim in the past, would likely face criticism or disapproval in today’s cultural landscape.

As societal norms evolve, so too does our perspective on art, prompting discussions about the once-beloved moments that may not withstand the scrutiny of contemporary audiences. Scroll below to read about some movie scenes that definitely didn’t age well.

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Image source: albinofreak620

We saw Holiday Inn on Prime and said “It’ll be a nice Bing Crosby movie with some Christmas songs,” turned it on, and suddenly the cast is there in black face singing some of the most racist s**t I’ve ever heard.


Image source: hockeyjmac, New Line Cinema

When Vince Vaughn is forced to have sex with Gloria in Wedding Crashers.


Image source: BroChick21, Walt Disney Pictures

Blank Check. An adult woman kisses the little boy on the lips for waaaay longer than I’m comfortable with. Imagine if the genders were reversed.


Image source: badRLplayer, Universal Pictures

Jim shares nude video of Nadia on the internet in American Pie. Everyone just laughed it off.


Image source: mrgalikti, Universal Pictures

The way Natalie is constantly body-shamed in Love Actually.


Image source: daisychaingirl93, Paramount Pictures

Grease. That scene where Danny is pressuring Sandy in the car. And just his entire behaviour towards her. Ew.


Image source: Talkback92, Universal Pictures

Sixteen Candles. A lot of racism, casually addressing sexual assault, and later an actual date [sex crime].


16 Candles, the scene where he hands his drunk girlfriend to the geeky freshman and tells him to do whatever he wants… hella problematic.


Image source: not_n_there, 20th Century Studios

Never Been Kissed. The teacher becomes interested in Drew Barrymore’s character. She’s an adult but “plays” a high school student.


Image source: StrifeDarko, Warner Bros.

Blade Runner. Hold on, don’t get furious yet. The film still is 95% brilliance; the soundtrack, the directing, the acting. But there’s that scene where Rachael is trying to leave Rick’s home after discovering her life is a lie, Rick refuses to let her leave, holding the door shut and physically handling her until he pins her to a wall and kisses her “passionately”. I think it’s meant to be taken as “a man taking charge” in the way the 80’s loved that, but it comes across as super, super ra**y now. TL:DR Rick Deckard sexually assaults a woman during a severe mental breakdown.


Image source: GandalfTGrey, 20th Century Studios

Mrs Doubtfire. Today, Daniel Hillard would never see the world as a free man again.


Image source: mrgalikti, Miramax

Tiptoes. For a movie made in 2003, it’s surprisingly offensive toward little people. Having to watch Gary Oldman waddle around on his knees with a fake hump on his shoulder (which is essentially a wadded up T-shirt shoved under the one he’s already wearing) is just too much.


Image source: ThinBlueAir, Universal Pictures

Animal House, with its [sex crime]-contemplation scene.


Image source: llcucf80, Warner Bros.

National Lampoon’s Vacation. If an IRL Clark W. Griswold really did the things in the movie he’d be branded a domestic terrorist, not including the stealing from a hotel and k*****g a dog.


Image source: anonymous2222222222, Paramount Pictures

Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Awful yellow face by Mickey Rooney.


Image source: SatansFieryAle, Universal Pictures

American Beauty. Something about Kevin Spacey trying to have sex with an underage kid makes it tough to watch now.


Image source: frmsea2okc

Just saw this last night with the ladies in my family… Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

Those ginger fellas literally went one by one and abducted the hottest chicks from some town then held them hostage for months until through Stockholm Syndrome the women all fell for them.


Image source: teke367

Revenge of the Nerds.

Even if you chalk up the spy cams to be “80s College Comedy Hi-jinx” the scene where Lewis has sex with Betty because she thinks he’s Stan definitely isn’t cool today.


Image source: SuperSilver

That scene in the first Rocky movie where he seduces Adrian by coercing her into his apartment after she’s said no, physically blocking the exit when she tries to leave, taking his clothes off without any encouragement, and then kissing her without any consent as she clearly tries to resist.


Image source: hockeyjmac, United Artists

James Bond [commits serious sex crime] on P. Galore in Goldfinger.


Image source: anon, Columbia Pictures

White Chicks.

Try making a movie with that premise with those kind of jokes today.

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