“There, I Fixed It”: 40 Improvisations That Worked

Published 3 weeks ago

In life, things are bound to break or need fixing at some point. So it’s great to have someone around with basic handyman skills who can take care of such issues. Sometimes though, the solutions might be so unusual it makes you stop and do a double-take. 

The r/thereifixedit is a dedicated space where people share the most extraordinary quick fixes people have rigged up. Scroll below to check out these out-of-the-box adaptations people have creatively come up with that, despite how silly they look, technically work.

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#1 Imagine If Achieving World Peace Can Be This Easy

Image source: IFixedItBro

Shelli Aderman: #Genius

#2 We Have The Technology. We Can Rebuild Him

Image source: yukichigai

Hippopotamuses (edited): I laughed at first, and now I feel guilty for doing it.

#3 Someone Stole My Large Chainring And Bolts, So I Used An Acorn To Make It The Two Miles To The Train Station

Image source: webbphillips

Surenu: Biking is good for nature, so I guess this is nature giving a little thanks?

#4 Hose Clamps To Keep My Office Chair From Involuntarily Descending

Image source: frankenbacon1

David Paterson: OMG. I wish I’d thought of that for my bicycle.

#5 Engineer Level Jury-Rigging

Image source: thereifixedit

Hashim Siraj: Absolute genius. Harvard forgot this man

#6 A Bird Started A Nest On Top Of The Air Conditioner

Image source: pazdispencer

#7 Sorry

Image source: -YouAgain-

Clown fish: Ok I’ll let you off because you said sorry

#8 Locked The Gate; No One Can Get Into The Field Now

Image source: Eli-T

Katie Lutesinger: Foiled again! *shakes fist*

#9 There, You Can Open The Door Again

Image source: Jeffvanc

2WheelTravlr: I love this. Absolutely thinking outside the box and creating a darned good temporary fix.

#10 Dog Ate My “S” Key So I Converted A Key I Rarely Use And Promoted It

Image source: -SickDuck

#11 “Broken Button. Squeeze The Chicken To Request Stop.”

Image source: zlapper

#12 Good Car Repair ?

Image source: Ok-Cardiologist6324

Mrs. Ginger McSarcasm: Can’t tell from far away

#13 Jury-Rigged Mixer

Image source: thereifixedit

Hippopotamuses: Awkward situations call for creative results.

#14 A For Effort

Image source: reddit.com

#15 Found At The Beachside Resort, Where I’m Staying. The Umbrella Was Wobbly, So They Stuck A Butter Knife In It

Image source: adultinglikewhoa

Scott Rackley: That’s called a shim

#16 So The Front Won’t Fall Off

Image source: reddit.com

Agfox: For those who don’t know it’s speed tape, an aluminium pressure-sensitive tape used to perform minor/temporary repairs on aircraft & high-speed vehicles

#17 Fixed. We’re Done Here

Image source: MRairden

Hippopotamuses: Innovative.

#18 Deactivated Esclator=stairs

Image source: hushitsu

Fart Barfunkle: Classic Mitch Hedberg joke

#19 My Sis In Law Just Posted This. She Told My Brother, “Use Those DIY Books And Fix The Chair!” Done

Image source: jtmonkey

Littlemiss: Well technically he fixed the initial problem, created another

#20 Took Care Of That Stump Boss

Image source: mistermocha

Peppy: Thinking latreely

#21 You Can Fix Anything With Duct Tape

Image source: thereifixedit

Matthew Lindeman: Except for broken bones; you can’t fix those with duct tape 🤣

#22 Boot Glue Didn’t Hold, So I’m Making It Through The Day This Way

Image source: suspicious_cabbage

Tabitha (edited): Hey, I have stapled and taped many a skirt, dress, and pant leg hem, and safety pinned many a partially broken zipper (on the inside so it wasn’t blatantly obvious), just to get through the day before I could go home and properly repair it. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to get by until you’re able to get it fixed the right way.

#23 Washing Machine Lid Fixed

Image source: eletric-chariot

#24 It’s Water That Falls Down From Up High Let’s Not Split Hairs Here

Image source: lineworksboston

Hippopotamuses: Technically correct. Can’t argue with that.

#25 In Order To Open The Oven We Mounted The Drawer Handles In This Way. It’s Perfect!

Image source: yudoit

Mrs. Ginger McSarcasm: I think it looks nice. Artistic without looking stupid or sloppy.

#26 I Like To Consider Myself A Handyman. Gotta Do What You Gotta Do To Pass University Dorm Inspections

Image source: 9D6Official

Toggaph de Dratersi: It’s all about appearances.

#27 My Dad’s Solution To Keep The Dishwasher Door From Opening Mid Cycle ?

Image source: gantzypants

Mrs. Ginger McSarcasm: It’s not stupid if it works.

#28 It’s Safe Now

Image source: reddit.com

Nathaniel He/Him Cis-Het (edited): Thanks, just got my first dose of anxiety for the day.

#29 Somebody At The Gym Threw A Medicine Ball Into The Drywall. They Fixed It By Putting A Vent Grate Over It

Image source: oui-zzer

Hippopotamuses: Cheap and very effective.

#30 Put The Signs On The Fuel Pumps, Boss!

Image source: tyw7

#31 Can’t Afford To Lose Another Remote… :|

Image source: IFixedItBro

Katie Lutesinger: Oh man, that’s a piece of railroad track, isn’t it?

#32 My Bowling Ally Got New Tvs, But Instead Of Getting New Mounts, They Just Screwed Them On To The Old Tvs

Image source: demonic_pug

#33 I Tried To Paint A Little Cardinal On This Snowy Fence But It Got Smeared. Thankfully I Was Able To Fix It

Image source: Subtox

Sofia: sorry I laughed

#34 My Local Dunkin Donuts Drive Through Speaker Broke. They’re Using A Baby Monitor Now

Image source: Limit760

#35 My Lamp Base Broke, But I’m A Woodworker

Image source: SaudadesDoOrkut

DetriMentaL: Baby Siren Head

#36 Hubby Was Mad When I Dented My Car So I Fixed It. I Swear The Cement Pillar I Parked Next To Came Out Of Nowhere

Image source: PyarisVIP

#37 Jumpstart

Image source: reddit.com

#38 A Duck Tape Masterpiece

Image source: angelarose210

Agfox: Used duck tape to cover the quacks, sounds legit!

#39 Well

Image source: Jeff_bennings

Debby Keir: Morris Minor estate car.

#40 I Guess That Will Do

Image source: thereifixedit

Agfox (edited): New witch-only ride hailing service, “Broom! Broom!”

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