25 Pictures Featuring The Gymnastic Abilities Of Red Squirrels

Published 7 months ago

Amateur photographer, Niki Colemont has been capturing shots of red squirrels for a while and sharing them online much to his followers’ delight. Over time he has captured the many cute antics these furry rodents get up to. This time around he’s back once more with a photo series aimed at showcasing the agility and dexterity of these adorable mammals.

Colemont claims that squirrels are extremely flexible with gymnastic abilities. He goes on to point out that “squirrels can turn their back feet and body 180 degrees, which means they can rotate completely forward to completely backward in the same position. This makes it very easy for them to move in very difficult situations.” He adds that red squirrels further have an added advantage as they have super-flexible ankles allowing them to hang upside down on trees by their ankles. But don’t just read about it, see it for yourself in the fascinating collection of images that we’ve shared in the gallery below. 

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