20 Wild Solutions To Everyday Problems That Will Blow Your Mind

Published 1 year ago

You gotta hand it to some people, they really have a knack for thinking out of the box and finding weird but workable solutions to everyday problems. In fact, these novel solutions are gathering quite the following on a popular reddit thread called, r/redneckengineering, which as you have probably already guessed ,is a collection of pics of rather peculiar solutions hastily but successfully rigged up in classic ‘Redneck Engineering’ style. 

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#1 Found At A Laundromat In Knoxville, Tn. Yes, You Can Still Press The Buttons

Image source: noahfromnewjersey

#2 Solo Couch Carry

Image source: muchhodl

#3 Forgot To Buy A Shower Curtain For The New Apartment And I Can’t Get One Until Tomorrow Evening. Two Trash Bags Cut Open And An Amount Of Duct Tap

Image source: picky-trash-panda

#4 Cheap And Simple Mount For My Power Socket Remote Control

Image source: Hunter_Rodrigez

#5 Tired Of Looking For My Charger Cable

Image source: stump0331

#6 Redneck Repurposing Of Kids’ Recreational Toys

Image source: Cautious-Damage7575

#7 For Precision Hot Glueing

Image source: codester291

#8 “Huh, So This Works. Toothbrush Sander!” This Has Useful Implications For Those Hard To Reach Finishing Places

Image source: preludachris8

#9 Well, They Fixed Their Trunk Latch Problem

Image source: No_Let_9352

#10 “I Got A Heated Pool Babe! Wanna Come Over?” The Pool:

Image source: TheeOxygene

#11 The Base Was Broken, So Grandma Planted It

Image source: bubble_2107

#12 The Ultimate Redneck Engineering From Russia

Image source: gardenajski

#13 All Terrain Wheelchair I Built For My Wife

Image source: AkmJ0e

#14 That Isn’t Going Anywhere

Image source: 3DRAH33M

#15 My Coworker Made A Magnetic Broom To Pick Up Metal From Our Parking Lot, After Another Coworker Got A Nail In Her Tire. Have To Say, It Works Very Well

Image source: nucleoli

#16 Self Feeding Fire That Lasts 14 Hours

Image source: Capt_Irk

#17 Looks Level To Me

Image source: GilbertoYates5

#18 Lost The Screw Cap For Our Air Mattress. This Was The Third Bottle I Tried

Image source: Brimstone747

#19 Actually Pretty Neat

Image source: LordCog

#20 Fortunately They Don’t Have An Hoa To Answer To. The Ingenuity Is Next Level

Image source: CellWrangler

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