25 Photos Of Impressive ‘Redneck Engineering’ Innovations

Published 4 weeks ago

Human creativity truly knows no bounds, from sending people to the moon to finding ingenious solutions for everyday challenges. Whether it’s groundbreaking technology or simple yet effective life hacks, our capacity for innovation continues to impress.

However, not every invention needs to be revolutionary. Sometimes, making our daily lives a bit easier is enough of an accomplishment. This sentiment is perfectly captured by the subreddit r/RedNeckEngineering. What sets it apart? Well, its motto says it all: “if it looks dumb but works, then it’s not dumb.”

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#1 Quick Bench

Image source: Virtual_Smoke_4252

#2 Girlfriend Wont Go Camping? This Will Help

Image source: BrideOfFirkenstein

Evan: that would actually be more comfortable than the normal seat

#3 There Are Worse Workarounds

Image source: GEDlesson

#4 Had Trouble Touch Typing Because I Couldn’t Feel The Tiny Bumps On My F And J Keys, So I Made Them… Bigger

Image source: Fluffy_Boulder

#5 When You Don’t Have A Potato Masher

Image source: TangyWhisky

#6 No Caption Needed

Image source: mr_this

#7 Friend Send Me A Video Of This Guy Drinking Beer On His Petrol-Based Personal Reclining Chair On Tank Tracks

Image source: Miquea

#8 Battery Clamp

Image source: xume

Sofia: the name of battery!!!

#9 Wife Doesn’t Like The Bubbadet

Image source: justshtmypnts

Bewitched One: He’s being funny. Bubba is a “redneck” name in America lol

#10 Guy Just Chilling On His Multi-Function Armchair Lawnmower, Listening A Livestock Auction. Allegedly fitted with cigarette lighter, carry-on bag of tools, chilled cupholder, barbecue sauce serving device and revolver holster

Image source: Miquea

#11 Repaired My Glasses After They Broke During A Camping Trip

Image source: Shadilaybrethren

#12 Max Headroom

Image source: Zandarino

Rebelliousslug: I really want to see inside

#13 Hvac On 2nd Floor Went Out, But Not On The 1st. Rigged This Up To Pull Cold Air From Downstairs’ To Upstairs Lol

Image source: Porterhouse21

#14 I Was Told To Share My Masterpiece Here

Image source: ltvip

#15 Flying Chair Done With A Shopping Cart (Included Ashtray And Beer Holder)

Image source: rascarcapak13

Jesse: Needs padding at the back portion, otherwise I think it’s cool

#16 McDonald’s Bag As A Sun Shield To Keep From Getting A Redneck

Image source: wrapped-in-reverse

#17 The Foldable Tub Cabinet

Image source: BizarreO_o

Mohsie Supposie (edited): This is actually a very good space saver! Would be useful in small apartments.

#18 My Dad’s Makeshift Antenna He Made Out Of Clothes Hangers And It Works Btw

Image source: nonumbersinme

Andrew Keir: Perfectly good design. Look up ‘bow tie dipole”

#19 Ima Just Leave This Here For Everyone Hating On My Pool

Image source: Flimsy_Economics1607

#20 Just Passed This On The Freeway (Passenger)

Image source: Sandvich1015

BoredPossum: Where I’m from, we have something called laws.

#21 Transferring Air

Image source: mollician

#22 Advertised As A Yacht On Facebook Marketplace

Image source: thewisestgoat

NapQueen: This would have been a great Top Gear challenge.

#23 And You Thought Alcoholism Would Never Come In Handy

Image source: KingCodyBill

#24 I Don’t Know What To Say

Image source: POTATO_POWER298

#25 Getting That Extra Few Inches With Some Leftover Adapters

Image source: thtmnbhndthecrtn

Bewitched One: Yeaaaaaa that’s not at all a fire hazard

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