40 Irritating Behaviours From Partners That Made Someone Rethink Their Relationship

Published 1 month ago

Relationships can be amazing when your partner is caring and thoughtful. However, it’s not all about grand gestures. Partners also need to put effort into the everyday stuff. Unfortunately, sometimes they fall short.

From forgetting to clean up after themselves to leaving dirty laundry lying around, husbands and boyfriends can be a bit inefficient with daily tasks. While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to these things, we’ve gathered complaints from women who are frustrated by their partner’s lack of skill when it comes to handling these everyday chores.

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#1 Dog Destroyed Trim

Image source: Thick_Upstairs2155

I left my husband in charge of our dogs while the kids and I visited my family. He chose to stay at his brother’s house and only let our dogs out once a day. Yesterday, he sent me this picture and proceeded to blame it on me.

#2 My Sister’s Boyfriend Lost His Wallet Before Leaving To Go To His Mom’s House. He Left The Living Room Like This After He Found His Wallet

Image source: EducationalQuiet1052

#3 My Husband Ate The “Roof” Parts Of My Mini Gingerbread Houses While I Was Waiting For The Rest Of The Parts To Set

Image source: Desperate-Quote7178

We had a bunch of random cookies and broken bits from the same batch available. And yes, he knew the others were there. He also ate some of them but said the roof parts tasted better.

#4 My Husband Puts Food In The Sink

Image source: HighestVelocity

“It’ll get to the trash eventually”, which means he scoops it out of a water-filled sink after pushing some into the drain, and no, we don’t have one of those grinders. It’s even worse when he does it with rice.

#5 My Boyfriend Took A Bite Of All The Chocolates To Find The Caramel One. There Wasn’t Any

Image source: WalterWhitesVan

#6 Husband Went Grocery Shopping Last Night And Didn’t Close The Freezer Door Correctly. He’s Done This Multiple Times With Multiple Reminders To Remember To Close The Freezer Door

Image source: Sleepinglilly4232

#7 My Boyfriend Fell Asleep While Baking Pizza. It Cooked For Nine Hours

Image source: Ipreferpintrest

#8 I Came Home To My Fiance Cooking The Cookie Dough Out Of Our Ice Cream

Image source: MacyCakes

#9 My Partner Borrowed My Car For A Few Days, And Gave It Back Like This

Image source: kt-gd

#10 My Fiance Has A Weird Habit Of Not Closing Drawers Or Cabinets

Image source: No_Deer_7062

#11 The Hummus Containers My Boyfriend Put Back In The Fridge, Leaving A Little Bit For Later, I Guess

Image source: ah_bee_tee

#12 Why Is My Boyfriend Doing This?

Image source: watzit_t00ya

#13 My Husband Is Technologically Challenged

Image source: Southernsofia123

#14 My Partner Told Me They Would Have Chicken Noodle Soup Waiting For Me At Home Because I’m Sick. This Is What He Meant

Image source: cbelliott

#15 I Bought A Bag Of Candy And Saved It All Week For A Friday Night Treat. Apparently, Husband Had Already Opened And Left Me 8

Image source: pingusaysnoot

#16 My Husband Put This Butter Container Back In The Refrigerator

Image source: RoyalChihuahua

#17 Husband’s Bedside Table That I Am Making A Point Of Not Doing For Him. It’s Already Been 2 Weeks

Image source: bexindisbelief

#18 When The Hamper Is Right There

Image source: Everythingiskriss

#19 My Husband Did This

Image source: HapEGoLucky

#20 Father-In-Law Visited Us And Took Flowers From My Flower Bed. And My Husband Helped Him

Image source: siwlia97

He said his wife would like the flowers and just took them home with him. My husband is going to buy me new flowers tomorrow.

#21 How Did I Not Notice My Boyfriend Does This Until Now?

Image source: katkarizma

I caught his 12-year-old doing this the other night, trying to fry eggs after school, and I had no chance of teaching him because he said, “This is what my dad does”.

#22 My Boyfriend Refuses To Use The “Wash As You Go” Method When Cooking Dinner

Image source: SchwulerSchwanz

#23 I Asked My Boyfriend To Bake The Croissants For Our Dinner

Image source: BrittBroChil

#24 My Husband, The Love Of My Life, Decided To Trim His Hair This Morning Before Leaving For Work

Image source: purpleowlie

I am really tempted to just ignore this and use a bidet and bath faucet and see how long this stays here.

#25 My Husband Leaves Car Like That Every Single Time I’m About To Use It

Image source: roslid

#26 Boyfriend Put His Drink On My Brand New Notebook

Image source: CaroDieOn

#27 My Husband Took A Bite Out Of The Butter And Just Put It Back. I Told Him I Would Publicly Shame Him If He Did It Again After That Cheese Incident

Image source: TongueTwistingTiger

#28 This Is How My Boyfriend Leaves The Sink After He Shaves

Image source: nymphymixtwo

#29 My Fiance Never Changes The Toilet Paper When He Finishes The Roll, So I Decided To Do The Same This Time. This Is What I Saw When I Went To The Bathroom The Next Time

Image source: Odd-Sandwich-3111

#30 My Boyfriend Grabs A New Roll Before Finishing The Last One

Image source: gwenbizkit

#31 When My Husband Loads The Dishwasher

Image source: Expensive-Leopard660

#32 The Way My Fiance Leaves Peanut Butter Has Me Rethinking My Choices

Image source: whileyouwereslepting

#33 This Is How My Husband Opens The Bread If I Don’t Get To It First. Just Rips A Hole In The Bag And Leaves It Open Like This

Image source: JaguarAncient

#34 I Called My Boyfriend From The Supermarket To Check If I Needed To Grab More Pads And He Said, “No, There’s Loads Left”

Image source: Interesting-Cress-43

#35 Husband Keeps Putting His Shoes On Top Of My Shoes And Making Them Dirty

Image source: johnpaulgeorgeringoo

#36 I Put My Phone To Charge At Night Before Bed. My Husband Unplugs It And Uses It Because He Always Breaks His Chargers

Image source: No-Ad-3635

#37 The 11 Smartphones That My Mom’s Boyfriend Has Broken In The Year They’ve Been Together. Some Of Them Were His, Some Were Hers, And One Of Them Was Even Mine

Image source: ThayPastaGuy

#38 My Fiancé Leaves His Shoes On The Dresser

Image source: linzjustine

#39 My Husband Kills The Bugs And Then Leaves Them Because He Thinks It Will Keep The Other Bugs Away

Image source: SuperNothing90

#40 When I Asked My Boyfriend To Bring Me Home Some Food From The Bar

Image source: happybird900






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