40 Wholesome Photos Of Adopted Pets Thriving In Their New Homes

Published 3 weeks ago

Adopting an abandoned animal is a choice that can turn your entire world upside down. It requires some patience and commitment but the results are usually worth it. You are greeted by a furry companion daily, who almost has this magical ability to reduce stress and increase happiness. 

Today, we celebrate those special bonds between rescues and their fur-ever families. Scroll below to run through the heartwarming selection in the gallery below of pets recently adopted during June. 

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#1 I Adopted 2 Cats Yesterday Because I Was Lonely, And Just Woke Up To This… This Is Amazing… I’m Not Alone Anymore

Image source: Ashley-Amai

#2 Today Was A Great Day At Our Shelter. Batman And Robin Were Adopted Together!!!

Image source: sonia72quebec

#3 My Friendly Adopted Kitten

Image source: ladyofcamellias

#4 His Name Is Rael, I Adopted Him, It Makes Me Very Happy (I Recommend Adopting And Not Buying Hehe)

Image source: Solfranco69_

#5 Our Newest Family Member, Whom I’ll Be Adopting And Bringing Home On Monday, Still Deciding On What Will I Call Him

Image source: EconomicScissors

#6 Her Name Is Angel. Adopted From The Shelter. Welcome To Your Forever Home

Image source: TryIntelligent906

#7 Our Adopted Tnr Cat Resting From Protecting The Farm

Image source: Equivalent-Clock1179

#8 I Have A Cat, Nala, Who Steals My PC Chair, Now I Adopted Another Cat, Spike, And Now I Have 2 Stealers Xd

Image source: conniewhite_25

#9 After Waiting Almost His Entire Life Of 10 Years, Carrot Was Adopted. I Cried. I Ugly Cried. His New Forever Fam Learned How To Express His Bladder. Six Months Old, Unknown Injury, 9.5 Years At The Shelter. Adopted. A D O P T E D!!!!!!

Image source: lesmax

#10 Adopted These Kitties A Few Weeks Ago

Image source: BobFiggy

#11 Adopted This Guy Today After Losing My 14-Year-Old Dog 6 Days Ago

Image source: Dandy_Lyon56

#12 This Is Bug Bug. She Suffered A Traumatic Brain Injury As A Stray Kitten That Left Her Mostly Blind And…special. We Adopted Her From A Shelter About A Month Later And Nursed Her Back To Health. She’s 8 Now. She Has To Wear A Bell So We Can Keep Tabs On Her. Roast Her

Image source: haileyfaye28

#13 Bringing This Sweet, Gentle Boy Home In A Few Days. He Came Right Up To Me And Asked For Pets From Me And My Family At The Shelter. Can’t Wait To Show Him A Good Life!

Image source: Liapocalypse1

#14 My First Ever Cat

Image source: Bookishhobbit-

#15 Just Adopted From The Shelter:)

Image source: ImportantAttempt9540

#16 My Mom Just Adopted These Babies And They Already Stole My Heart

Image source: CustomPets101

#17 Adopted 11-Year-Old Whiskers This Past Weekend

Image source: iszoebaby

#18 My Grandchildren, No One Wanted Them. One Is Wobbly The Other Has Epilepsy. My Kind Son And His Gentle Fiancée Adopted Them. They Are Pure Joy!

Image source: RedhandjillNA

#19 My Adopted Boy’s First Day Home

Image source: 20-20-24hoursago

#20 I Got Adopted By Cat Today

Image source: saucydongv2

#21 Adopted This Friend A Bit Ago

Image source: carelessstitcher

#22 The Moment You Realize You’re Adopted!

Image source: Devilish_Crafter

#23 Found Our Adopted Site Puppy Sleeping Between The Plants

Image source: I_love_sunflowers94

#24 This Is My New Baby Casper. I Adopted Him This Past Weekend And He Is An Amazing Dog! Great Dane/Lab Mix

Image source: Chemteach-71

#25 My Mother Found Her In The Trash, We Adopted Her

Image source: HainzerCrow

#26 We Adopted Gertie Yesterday. She Wanted To Say Hi

Image source: dc5trbo

#27 This Rescue Kitten That Was Recently Adopted From My Job Has A Heart On His Nose

Image source: tjd426

#28 Adopted!

Image source: MrsSpunk

#29 Adopted Our Foster Cat, Best Decision Ever

Image source: Equivalent-Clock1179

#30 Colleague From Work Recently Had A Litter Of 5 Furballs. I’m Beyond Happy To Get 2 Of Them While The Other 3 Are Getting Adopted By My Brother

Image source: adelbodner

#31 Everyone Meet Kali Our New Family Member!

Image source: cvq-edc

#32 Today My Best Friend Adopted This Cutie

Image source: ShiaJones

#33 Just Adopted This Thing. How Is This Cuteness Even Possible

Image source: EretzTachtit

#34 How Could I Not Adopt Both

Image source: GuidanceNew6522

#35 Adopted Barely Six Hours Ago

Image source: Affectionate_Oven428

#36 Just Adopted A Half Blind Kitten. Anyone Has Any Suggestion For Take Good Care Of This Special Kid? Thanks

Image source: dikerasimj

#37 My Adopted Boyo, Ginger

Image source: karolkolanko

#38 Adopted After Being Kept Locked In A Closet For 3 Years

Image source: Xerafi

#39 Second Day Of Adoption, And She Came Out Of Hiding! She’s Exploring My Apartment Now

Image source: jordan20x1

#40 We Adopted Minnie The Lhasa Apso And She Is Everything We’ve Been Looking For And More!!

Image source: UnpreparedSugar

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