40 Heartwarming Photos Of Happily Adopted Pets

Published 4 months ago

Having a furry little friend around the house can be a truly rewarding experience. Though they may sometimes cause a bit of trouble by making messes or damaging things, the joy and companionship they offer us far outweigh any inconvenience. If you’re thinking of adopting a pet, animal shelters and rescues are the perfect places to start!

We’ve put together a collection of heartwarming photos from Reddit of recently adopted animals that are sure to make you smile. Warning: these pictures are so cute they might just melt your heart! So sit back, enjoy scrolling through them, and we hope it brings a big grin to your face!

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#1 Today I Adopted This Beautiful Queen, Her Name Is Nettie And Shes 18 Years Old??

Image source: Whiskersandmittens_

#2 Our New Cat Is Ridiculously Photogenic

Image source: jacobr57

#3 Picking This Boy Up From The Pound Tomorrow. (Oc)

Image source: jrumley911

#4 Adopted Rocco And She Said “Let’s Keep Him Forever And Ever And Ever”

Image source: monicapearl

#5 Adopted This Sweet Girl Yesterday, We Can’t Settle On A Name

Image source: NegativeNellyEll

#6 So The Pup We Adopted Turned Out To Be A Big Big Baby? 3 Months, 44 Lbs

Image source: theprostitute

#7 I Adopted This Sweet Boy 6 Hours Ago And He Just Passed Out And Started Dreaming Right In Front Of Me ?❤️

Image source: gamma_orionis

#8 Meet Bear (Right) He Just Lost His Human And His Family Offered Him To Me, I Couldn’t Refuse

Image source: Southernish_History

#9 A Stray Puppy I Took In. Can’t Sit Down Without Her Squeezing In Beside Me

Image source: squidly_doo

#10 Was Never A Cat Person Aaaaand I Became A Cat Dad

Image source: ComebackCaptian

#11 Toast Isn’t So Sure Of His New Baby Brother Willy

Image source: scottyktho

#12 Found A Wee Kitty On A Road ? Mine Now

Image source: Putrid_Blueberry1118

#13 It’s -8 Here And Heard A Cry At Our Front Door

Image source: bethy_doodobby

#14 I Adopted A Kitten And She Came With A Gift.. The Kitten Was Pregnant

Image source: medusa_08

#15 I Found A Little Boy I Want To Adopt Locally. He Showed Me His Air Murder Mittens In Seconds Of Seeing Me. I Believe He Will Adopt Me

Image source: MelTram78

#16 We Adopted These 2 Little Black Beauties About 5 Weeks Ago! I Think We May Be In For Trouble!

Image source: crokey80

#17 My Sweet Rescue

Image source: laurenriley33

#18 Poor Guy Got Dumped In Snow Storm. I felt terrible for the poor boy and had to adopt him. He is a very sweet dog and so well mannered.

Image source: evil_otter333

#19 I’ve Never Had A Cat Before So It’s Been Really Nice Relishing All These Moments With Him. I Immensely Love Him So I Would Like To Share These Photos Of Him!

Image source: wintermelyn

#20 I Rescued The Tattooed Cartel Cat That Was Living In A Mexican Prison

Image source: suffocatingsilence00

#21 I Think My Adopted Pupper Is Happy Here

Image source: notisroc

#22 His First Sound Sleep After Being Adopted From A Shelter

Image source: PurpledEyedOcelot

#23 Just Adopted This 6 Month Old Boy And He’s My First Cat!

Image source: Max3RH

#24 Picked Up A Stray Cat A While Back. Turned Out She Was Pregnant. Now I Have 5 Cats. ?‍⬛

Image source: couchworm

#25 Pulled A Mother And Kitten Off The Streets Of Detroit Last Month, Now They Are Spoiled

Image source: FlavoredNeon

#26 I Adopted Old Man Shadow Recently. Kevin Gained A Friend And I Lost The Couch

Image source: 83Brusura

#27 Found This Little Furry Rascal Freezing On The Street Yesterday. Tomorow We Are Going To The Vet ! Welcome Home Dante/Lucifer ??‍⬛️

Image source: Hateforcathaters

#28 3 Of The 4 Pups I Found On The Highway This Morning

Image source: RudeExplanation9304

#29 Adopted Our Very First Cat Last Weekend. I Was Worried We’d Get A Non-Friendly Cat Who Was Very Standoffish But She’s An Angel. Is Interested With Anything, Pickups No Problem, Wants To Be Cradled Like A Baby, Vibrates All The Time, And… Stops Me From Working Or Playing On My PC

Image source: Dimrill

#30 One Month Since Adoption Day And I’m In Love ?

Image source: SnooGadgets1321

#31 Almost 2 Weeks Ago I Signed Moishe’s Adoption Papers, And He’s Still Smiling Today! I Think He Is Happy To Be In His Forever Home

Image source: Misslasagna

#32 My Rescue Finally Feeling At Peace In My Home ❤️ Have You Ever Rescued A Little Angle?

Image source: sex-addicted-queen

#33 From Rough Dubai Streets To The English Countryside

Image source: wanderingislander

#34 Just Adopted A Puppy From The Shelter And It Said It’s Breed Is Unknown

Image source: ChillHouseArktek

#35 This Is The Face That Got Him Adopted

Image source: level1enemy

#36 Bred And Dumped At The Pound. Now She’s Couch Surfing At My Place

Image source: Hurricane_leilani

#37 Guys, I Need Your Help, I Adopted My New Baby Today But I Need A Name For Him

Image source: Tsjimenadominguez

#38 Adopting These Two Dummies Is The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened To Us

Image source: ben_1112

#39 Adopted This Baby Boy Today! He’s Already So Snuggly And Demanding Of Pets. He Doesn’t Know I Love Him So Much Already

Image source: nightstalkerr

#40 My First Dog In 8 Years. This Boy Is Beau, He Is Already My Best Friend ???

Image source: ScringusDingus

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