“Sandwich Bag Dad” Is Back With 40 New Hilarious Jokes And Puns

Published 7 months ago

Dave or the “Sandwich Bag Dad” has been wowing Netizens for over 11 years with his clever puns and daily dad joke cartoons that he draws on his kids’ school lunch bags. His wife created this initial habit to make their eldest feel special when their new baby was born. In an effort to make their firstborn feel special, their plan was to give a little extra sass to the lunch experience. 

Initially, the wife cut the eldest’s school sandwiches into interesting shapes and designs but when Dave the “sandwich bag dad” took over, he realised it was easier and far more fun to draw directly on the bags itself. A choice that proved extremely entertaining not only for him and his family but for Netizens worldwide. As a tradition that has spanned over a decade, if you are interested in seeing this past year’s collection, scroll to check out his latest additions as shared in the gallery below. 

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#1 This One Was Marvel-Lous

#2 Someone Had A Brush With Death

#3 Royally Bad. I Know

Joshua David: It’s hard to think of anyone other than Diana having that title. I love Kate btw.

#4 Thought I Might Get Blocked For Posting Too Many Puns

#5 What’s Sup?

#6 Another Prime (Number) Example

#7 Blame It On The (Lunch) Baggy

#8 Shell-Arious!

Jessica SpeLangm: I bet P!NK would LOVE to get this sent to her. She might even give it to her kids for their lunches.

#9 Lunch That Day Was Quite Chewy

#10 Doll-Ing Out The Lunch Bag Puns

#11 Corny. I Know

#12 Guten Tag, Or Should That I Say Guten Hashtag

#13 Dozen Look Too Good For These 6

Why?: They were determined to crack the case open.

#14 No Pun Nintendo’ed

#15 Another Cheesy One

#16 “Looks Watson Your Lunch Bag Today!”

#17 Birch Please

#18 Another Brad Day?

Lex <3 (they/them): The attention to detail is crazy!

#19 I Didn’t Shoes The Lunch Bag Life. The Lunch Bag Life Shoes Me

#20 Some Bags Are A Lot Of Wok

#21 A Pop-Ular One

#22 I Was On A Roll That Day. Well, She Was On A Roll. But You Know What I Mean

#23 Another Jordanary One

#24 This One Caused Quite A “Stir”

Lotekguy: Green with envy?

#25 Some Fairytales Are More Far Fetched Than Others

#26 I Often Tailor My Bags

#27 Whats The Motor With Him?

#28 I Think Of The Ramen Empire A Lot. Especially When I’m Soba

#29 Star Doors

#30 This One Was A Smash Hit

#31 Iykyk

Jamie Pisarzewski (edited): an ewe is another name for a sheep. This is gold! C’mon. Lol

#32 A Rare Bag About The Netflix Hit

wayne whitson: “BEEF: It’s What’s For Dinner”!!

#33 This One Was Quite A Hit!

#34 This One Was A Hit

#35 I’m Never Afraid To Help With Math Homework

#36 Some Days My Kids Are Petri-Fied To See What Puns Have Graced Their Lunch Bags

Jamie Pisarzewski : this is a microscope and a dish with samples aka cultures in them. The cultures are different. Ah well. I laughed my butt off.😂

#37 Lunch That Day Was A Pretty Roar

Andre van Kammen: Have some manors

#38 My Kids Thought This One Was Pith-Etic. I Hoped It Would Have More Ap-Peel

#39 One For Those That Work In Hide-T

#40 Bombastic Cider, A Crimin-Ale Offen-Sip Cider

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