30 Times People Created Or Found Secret Places And Shared Their Pics Online

Published 3 years ago

From the time we first read “Alice in Wonderland” or see our first spy movie with secret panic rooms or ghostly castles, we imagine secret rooms to be something remarkable, mystical, and ultimately unachievable. However, secret rooms and passages can also be found in the privacy of our neighbors’ houses – even today.

Secret rooms nowadays are a lot more about entertainment and having something private for yourself. The Reddit communities r/SecretCompartments and r/HiddenRooms are the online witnesses of people showing off their hidden compartments or rooms. Scroll below to see some of the most interesting ones.

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#1 The Pantry You Didn’t Think You Needed

Image source: Unclestanky

#2 Harry Potter Themed “Cupboard Under The Stairs” For My 8 Year Old Daughter For Christmas

Image source: Tyronne43

#3 Behind The Murphy Door

Image source: consuelojorge.com

#4 Wardrobe Inspiration From Narnia

Image source: souper_soups

#5 Mom Finds Her Little Boy’s Secret Man Cave Complete With An iPad, Snacks And A Blanket

Image source:  BitchLibrarian

#6 Built My Now Fianceè A Model House As Our Buying Plans Were Put On Hold Due To Covid

Image source: danderson302

#7 Does This Qualify?

Image source: MrPestana

#8 Secret Bathroom With A Bonus

Image source: ShawnSaturday

#9 $4000 Plug

Image source: salc347

#10 Hidden Beer

Image source:  i_feel_the_need_

#11 Bought A House, Came With A Secret Cabinet Behind A Cabinet

Image source: Infinite_Damage

#12 Finally Finished My Secret Pocket Door

Image source: Maxatron4000

#13 Hidden Workplace

Image source: Unclestanky

#14 Secret Book Pull Is Key

Image source: Satoshis_Dragon

#15 My Dining Room Table Houses A Secret Spiral Staircase

Image source: PredatorAvPFan

#16 Handnade Room In A Outlet

Image source: Andreas2Leetsar

#17 Hidden Chair Compartment

Image source: instructables.com

#18 Made This To Propose To My Fiancée! Proposed In Shakespeare And Co. In Paris

Image source: nhertz22

#19 How Do You Like Our Secret Room?

Image source: marcbaechtold

#20 Summoning Danny Devito

Image source: shashank_g09

#21 My Daughter Just Found The Secret Street I Built Behind Her Wardrobe For Lockdown!

Image source: ellasecretstreet

#22 Sleeping Spot On A Plane

Image source: Ckilp

#23 Bookshelf To Home Theater

Image source: thatdandygoodness

#24 Convenience Store In Bali

Image source: dippis98

#25 A Door I Built To The Storage Section Of My Basement Apartment. Still In Progress

Image source: jaime628

#26 My Dad Built Me This Hidden Bookshelf Office

Image source: rayenicely

#27 I Built This Wood Wall In My House Today. Couldn’t Resist Adding A Little Something Extra

Image source: Meteorsaresexy

#28 My Home Whiskey Bar Is Now Open For Business!

Image source: merryberries44

#29 Going Through The Door

Image source: johnnybegood320

#30 Now That I’m Working From Home Indefinitely, I Have My Dream Office All Set Up!

Image source: _Ziggy_Played_Guitar

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