These 5 Mini Horror Stories Will Terrify You In Just 2 Sentences

Published 7 years ago

If you need a little kick to get yourself in the Halloween spirit, Jacob Andrews, the head illustrator of CollegeHumor, is here to help you out with his bite-sized horror story comics. The artist dug up the spine-chilling stories from reddit’s two sentence horror thread and brought them to life with his illustrations.

The cleverly written short stories, that were thought through down to each word are sure to creep you out. Who would have thought that plain statistics can be so unsettling with the right punch-line?

Check out the pictures below to get your horror fix.

More info: Twitter, Facebook, Official Site (h/t boredpanda)

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Written by: thecuriousdeadcat


Written by: MinutesToScare


Written by: splettnet


Written by: t0rvahl


Written by: ShadowScribe


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