25 Short People Speak On What Taller Individuals Might Overlook

Published 2 months ago

In the vast and diverse landscape of Reddit, one user recently sparked a conversation that shed light on a perspective often overlooked – the challenges faced by individuals who consider themselves short. In a thought-provoking post, the user asked fellow Redditors of shorter stature to share the problems they believe taller individuals may never truly comprehend.

The responses poured in, offering a glimpse into the daily struggles and unique experiences of those who live life from a lower vantage point.

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Image source: zardozLateFee, Amar Preciado/pexels

I have rocked out calves because I go up on tiptoes twenty times a day.


Image source: ProfessionalPin5993, Kampus Production/pexels

People really do show preferential treatment to tall men and discriminate against short men.


Image source: OUJayhawk36, cottonbro studio/pexels

We don’t need to ever clean those top shelves you say are dirty. I don’t see them. Thus, they do not exist.


Image source: Vivid_Sport9191, Victoria Strelka_ph/pexels

It makes me feel unsafe if you talk about how easily you can pick me up and take me. Or how easily someone could overpower me. why would you tell me that when I’m already afraid of it happening.


Image source: 13-Penguins, ConfusedRant6669/reddit

The overhead visor isn’t going to do anything against the sun.


Image source: Rizalwasright, M. M. Sand/flickr

We see up into your nostrils all the time.


Image source: Espressoencake, Luis Quintero/pexels

Every time I go to see a movie or play, I hope that a kid is sitting in front of me, otherwise I can’t see the stage/screen.


Image source: ranchojasper, Keira Burton/pexels

**I’m still a m***********g adult.**

I am a 43-year-old adult who has been working in my career for **20 f*****g years.**

I am a grown-up. Just because I’m the height of the average 12-year-old and also have a baby face and also just happen to be traditionally attractive does not mean that I am not a *serious f*****g adult.* This has been my biggest pet peeve since I was in my 20s, where at my first job out of college everyone assumed I was not a college intern, but someone who somehow was in high school yet coming to an office job from 8 to 5 every day?!

Just because we’re short doesn’t mean we’re actually children. For the love of God, I am begging all of you to please remember this whenever you deal with a professional adult who just doesn’t happen to be as tall as most adults.


Image source: HellyOHaint, Andrea Piacquadio/pexels

No chairs are made for me. At 5’3, my feet always dangle and worsen my sciatica. It feels dumb to feel like a toddler in every chair.


Image source: razcalnikov, Alexy Almond/pexels

I’m not eating small portions to starve myself, I’m eating small portions because if I consume more than 1300 calories a day I’ll gain weight.


The joy of going to Japan and finally having counters and cupboards in your size.

Image source: icantflyyet


Image source: Hagridsbuttcrack66, João Jesus/pexels

My space matters too. I also like to be comfortable. I don’t appreciate being squeezed into the smallest space all the time “because it’s easier”. I don’t want the s****y seat, bed, etc. every time we travel.

Being told constantly that you just need to roll with whatever because your comfort matters least HONESTLY had an effect on me.


Image source: Aoife226, Samson Katt/pexels

Being used as an armrest is annoying, and not peak humor that some tall people think it is.


Image source: centralperk_7, Andres Ayrton/pexels

If I gain 5lbs I may need a different size pants. 5lbs is so much to a person with no place to put it.


OMG, yes! I’m 5 feet tall, and gaining even 2 pounds makes my pants and skirts dig into my waist.


Image source: lovebzz, Fox/pexels

As a shorter guy (5’5″M), you can literally be invisible in a group. At parties or gatherings, I’ve often had experiences where taller people will introduce themselves to each other and simply not notice me. I’ve learned to be more assertive, but it’s annoying AF when it happens all the time.


Carrying pretty much anything in bags or under arms is heavier because our arms are shorter. The bags or whatever we’re carrying would probably drag on the floor if we left our arms hanging at full length. So we gotta bend them up, and sustain that muscle contracted all the way home.

Tall people can just grab a bag, and let their arms relax.

Image source: Lasdary


Image source: 13-Penguins, Humphrey Muleba/pexels

Even if the object isn’t that heavy, if my arms can’t wrap comfortable around to hold it, I can’t carry it.


We can comfortably sleep on most couches/airplanes.

Image source: TrocCiroc


Image source: H0us3Hunt3r, Los Muertos Crew/pexels

The world is not designed for short people. As mentioned in other comments, items on higher shelves aren’t easy to reach and dangling feet when sitting on a toilet or in a chair sucks. Consider my own 4’10” pet peeve… the average countertop height should reach the average person around mid-hip or thereabouts. This allows for hands to be in an ideal ergonomic position to do whatever. But for us short people, the countertop height trends upward to somewhere torso level making doing things at counter height just… miserable. I hate cooking, doing dishes, etc. simply because after a little while, my neck, shoulders, and back ache from extending my arms up and out rather than out and down like everyone else. I imagine taller than average folks have similar issues with needing to stoop down to reach the counter.


Image source: krandle41709, Liza Summer/pexels

People treat you like your lesser of a person. Like hell I’m 38, I’ve been through a lot of s**t. just because I’m 4’11” doesn’t mean I’m not worthy of respect. Damnit.


Image source: Silly-Resist8306, George Chambers/pexels

Most short people can’t sit with their back against the back of a chair or sofa AND have their feet touch the floor. Without a pillow behind them it gets uncomfortable quickly. A lot of guys make fun of all the decorative pillows, but they also serve a function.


Image source: Yansura25, Canva Studio/pexels

That people won’t respect you as much as a tall person in a professional setting.


4’8 here. Customers at my work often think I’m the trainee. I’m the manager.


Image source: LichtbringerU, Clem Onojeghuo/pexels

If you walk normally I have to basically power walk. Even if you tell them, either they don’t seem to understand, can’t adapt on short notice or don’t care.


Image source: Pennyfeather46, Laura Stanley/pexels

When you’re in a crowd of people, you can’t see a damn thing!


I’m 5ft tall and I have almost never enjoyed a live music event in my life.


Image source: MEG4NTRON, San Fermin Pamplona/pexels

In crowds it can become difficult to breathe. Taller people can reach the fresh air, but I’m trapped under where everyone else is breathing out.

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