25 Petty Reasons Why People Would Reject Potential Matches

Published 5 months ago

Love may be a complex and profound emotion, but sometimes, it’s the seemingly trivial details that can make or break a potential connection. In a recent viral thread on the AskWomen community, individuals from all walks of life have come forward to share their pettiest reasons for refusing to date someone.

The responses not only provide a lighthearted glimpse into the world of modern dating but also reveal the idiosyncrasies that influence our romantic choices.

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Image source: jaimyparable, cottonbro studio

when a guy treats their mom or their sister(s) like s**t. i’m looking at our future boy, and you aint it.


Image source: Longjumping-Log-5457, Ivan Samkov

Using “your” when they should use “you’re”. That really bothers me.


Image source: littleghool, Andrea Piacquadio

If they’re really hard into social media. I know it’s much more of a girl type of thing, but guys can be clout chasers too. Or just really into their phone in general. Put the f*****g thing down and genuinely talk to someone.


Image source: 2lostbraincells, nappy

People who breathe or chew or drink loudly give me the biggest ick. I have severe misophonia.


Image source: JaesonMuniz, Donald Tong

If they don’t use sheets or pillow cases on their bed. It’s just gross. If I walk into a dudes room and all I see is a yellow stained mattress and a s****y blanket with no “it’s laundry day” explanation, I’m out.


Image source: saltierthangoldfish, iiii iii

A beard that isn’t well-groomed. I need to see evidence that the edges are tended to, trimming is happening, whatever. Nothing turns me off like a pube-y beard.


Image source: Legitimate_Exit_6291, Vera Arsic

I refuse to date anyone that says I’m cute when I’m mad. They always play with my emotions for entertainment.


Image source: ceefromcanada, Daniel Xavier

As an adult, I seriously dated THREE guys named Dave. Someone named Dave would have to be an 11/10 for me to go this route again.


Image source: daizedandconfused_, Towfiqu barbhuiya

I don’t think I could date someone with a peanut allergy, I love peanut butter and don’t think I would want to live a peanut free life for anyone.


Image source: roccolove05, Alena Darmel

They have to be an animal lover. I can tell when someone doesn’t like animals and I couldn’t see myself with someone who doesn’t tolerate animals.


Image source: hosenmitblumen, Caleb Oquendo

Deeply religious people. Nope.


Image source: Jeanetica, Jarosław Kwoczała

If their ideal home temperature is lower than 70 degrees. I’m very cold natured and have lived with someone hot natured.

I can’t do it again. I refuse to live under a blanket in my own house or argue because they lowered the thermostat and thought I wouldn’t notice. It just makes us incompatible because it’s too big a deal to me.


Image source: OkMango140, NastyaSensei

If we don’t have similar tastes in food. I once stopped seeing a guy because he didn’t like cheese.


Image source: dirtylittlechai, Ron Lach

No job


Image source: alh0425, Eli Christman

Socks with sandals is my pettiest, but most strictly enforced, dealbreaker. I simply can’t be seen with you.


Image source: Cutthroatbeauty, Pavel Danilyuk

Bad teeth


Image source: foxwood36, Ketut Subiyanto

If they spell my name wrong in the initial messages on the dating app. It’s right there. Immediate unmatch


Image source: weenertron, cottonbro studio

Anyone with a solo mustache (no beard) is an immediate no. You look like such a goober, sorry.


Image source: baby_armadillo, https://www.pexels.com/photo/a-man-playing-a-video-game-in-a-computer-9071735/

I won’t date someone who wants me to watch them play video games. They want to play video games while I read or do something else in the same room, that’s great. They want me to sit there while they play video games and I have to actually pay attention to their Fortnite kills or whatever, absolutely f*****g not. It gives strong “Mommy look at me!” energy that I find a complete turnoff from an adult man.


Image source: StrongFreeBrave, Omar López

Any run of the mill average Joe who thinks all women are golddiggers coming to take their $45,000 annual salary … ?

Reeks of him watching too many podcasts from other dudes who also can’t get laid.


Image source: buckeyeohio, Kampus Production

I’ve had people give me s**t for this before, but picky eaters. And I don’t mean people who have allergies or other food issues. I can understand that. I mean grown a*s adults whose main course is chicken nuggets and French fries. Or make faces, or refuse to even taste a new dish. I have friends like that, but I don’t think I could date anyone long term.


Image source: Suitable-Apricot-639, https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-in-teal-ice-cream-print-tank-top-holds-ice-cream-886285/

Someone who is over the age of 28 and uses the phrase “ Saturday is for the boys”


Image source: EvolveGee, Till Daling

Omg I feel bad for men reading these posts but of course I have my own. I get really disappointed when men have a purebred dog they bought from a breeder. Tells me they have no compassion for animals, want to boast wealth/status, and they waste money on stupid s**t. This perception is particularly heightened for having brachiocephalic breeds like bulldogs.

I am very aware I might be taking it too far on the meaning of it but my brain works in mysterious ways. Please don’t hate me.


Image source: Master-Try5369, wiki commons

Anyone who listens to Jordan Peterson


Image source: Prestigious_Pin_2104, Numerology Sign

I wouldn’t date someone who smokes pot or vapes ??‍♀️ or anyone super into astrology

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