20 Pics Snapped By Technicians On The Job

Published 1 year ago

We’ve all had a bad day or two with technology but these mind-blowing pics really make you wonder just what these folks have been up to with their equipment. How can some of these things even happen? What was going through the minds of those people while they did this to their expensive pieces of tech apparatus?

Check out the below list of pics taken by tech support who were called out by folks to do some seemingly routine maintenance on equipment and if you’ve ever made a bad judgement call with tech in your own right, you will surely feel better after perusing these!

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#1 Wondering The Story Behind This

Image source: FinishedToxicity

#2 Travelled 1000km To Fix 5 Brand New Desktops Which Are Slow For Strange Reasons. Strange Reasons:


Image source: crippledchameleon

#3 Why Won’t My Call Go Through?

Image source: ComeGetYourOzymans

#4 Burned Cigarette Marks On A Ps4 Brought In For Repair. Device Was Filled With Dead Roaches

Image source: zebz_

#5 Anybody Up For Char Broiled GPU?

Image source: dandilycrosscut

#6 They Said “My PC Shut Off Suddenly And Won’t Turn Back On”

Image source: katushenciya

#7 I Drove Over An Hour For This


Image source: fUnderdog

#8 Not My Image But Oh Dear

Image source: Gooberg_

#9 PC Has Been Up Against My Desk For A While. That Won’t Be Continuing

Image source: Zech17_

#10 So Mac Doesnt Support Windows But At least It Supports Doors

Image source: BateauSai

#11 My Cousin Cleaned The Laptop While I Was Away For A Bit, I Come Back To This

Image source: Itsquishyy

#12 My Boss Placing A Deada*s Pot Of Ice Twice A Day On The Transformer (If That’s What It’s Called) Cus It Keeps Overheating And The Entire Pos & Internet Server Goes Down

Image source: ancaaremere

#13 My Grandma’s TV After The Housecleaners Cleaned Her TV With A Mystery Liquid (Gone Wrong)

Image source: EiZenHoweLL

#14 My Laptop Isn’t Working

Image source: seebarmur

#15 I Present The: “Hey Guys, Dropped My Phone, Can Ifixit??”

Image source: awkwardtheturtel

#16 I Tried Setting My Alarm For Tomorrow… I May Need A New Clock

Image source: Antakad

#17 Not Oc But This Hurt Me Enough To Hurt You Too

Image source: BuJH7

#18 Braided Cables

Image source: SweetlySmooth

#19 God Sucked A*s At Cable Management

Image source: lotofpigskilled

#20 Time To Hang Up The Wreath

Image source: Juan-Quixote

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