20 Times Hospitals Surprised Their Patients With The Worst Meals

Published 3 years ago

Let’s face it: a hospital is no 5-star restaurant. But that doesn’t mean the patients shouldn’t receive a decent meal after their surgeries – or at least that’s what you and I think. However, the reality is that some hospitals will serve absolutely anything to their patients, even if it outright looks like slop. And the patients are tired of being quiet.

People are sharing pictures of the worst food they received in hospitals, and it’s hard to imagine anything less appetizing. From uncooked frozen meatloaves to stuff that looks like toxic sludge, check out a collection of hilariously terrible hospital food in the gallery below!

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#1 What You Get For Breakfast In A Hungarian Hospital

Image source: abraabraka

#2 Hospital Food Yummy

Image source: Mattho

It’s mashed potatoes, something you’d feed to your bunny (or is it some kind of chicken pellets?), and water I guess?

#3 Hospital Administration Told Us They’d Be Treating Us To Dinner During Our Shift. “Dinner” Is One Individual, Frozen, Uncooked Meatloaf Per Person. This Is Georgia

Image source: reddit.com

Happy nurse’s week, y’all.

#4 Dinner In Irish Maternity Hospital

Image source: pockets3d

#5 This Hospital In USA Failed

Image source: AliMaadelat

#6 Since We’re Posting Our Hospital Meals (UK)

Image source: Buddahfinger666

#7 This Is The Meal My Wife’s Hospital Had The Audacity To Serve For Nurses Appreciation Week. I Live In Phoenix

Image source: colton310

After a year nurse shortages, running out of PPE, working employees to the bone without hazard pay.

#8 Hospital Food In Italy

Image source: RonaldTheGiraffe

#9 Can You Identify My Austrian Hospital Food?

Image source: malta3

A good guess might be “depression”, but actually, it was some sort of cow paste (it immediately fell apart, it was basically the consistency of mousse) in paprika sauce, mashed potato, and mushy pea purée.

#10 “Lasagna” According To Adventist Hospital

Image source: OpheliaMorningwood

#11 A Hospitals Take On Vegetarian Cuisine. Germany

Image source: FurFlux

#12 Hospital Lunch In Romania

Image source: Andrei144

#13 My First Meal In A Week, At A Hospital For Meningitis, Entertain Me, Please. Milwaukee​, Wisconsin

Image source: Sivispacemparabellum

#14 Celebratory Steak Dinner Offered By Hospital For Proud Mother And Father

Image source: Johnmcguirk

#15 Hospital Breakfast

Image source: anuncommontruth

It’s baked eggs covered with American cheese.

#16 My Breakfast Today In The Hospital. Dry Bread, One Slice Of American Cheese, Bit Of Jam, Sugar And Milk For Instant Coffee. It’s Not Prison, Just A Belgian Hospital

Image source: Gordondel

#17 This Veggie Burger Was Served To Me In The Hospital. 10/10 For Presentation

Image source: tveir

#18 Vegetarian Meal Sent Up For My Friends Hospital Meal

Image source: Yauchness

#19 The Toasts One Of My Patients Got At The Hospital For Breakfast

Image source: alternageek2

#20 Yesterday’s Hospital Breakfast In Chicago. The Garnish Really Makes It

Image source: jjjkkkjkjk

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