The Importance of a Rudraksha

Published 8 years ago

There is an ancient story of how the sacred Rudraksha had taken its advent on the earth.

Tarakasur had three sons, who had immense faith and devotion unto Lord Shiva. This earned them divinity, and they had turned over a new leaf. But as time passed by, the sons of Tarkasur had retorted to their cursed stride. After seeing that they have returned to their original unrighteous conduct, Lord Shankar was in grief and His eyes were filled with tears. Few of these tears fell onto earth; a tree sprang up from these precious tears, which came to be known as the rudraksha tree. Later, Lord Shiva got angry and destroyed the sons of Tarakasur. It is believed that by wearing the rudraksha bead, one will have the protection of Bhola Shankar.

The rudraksha is colour is blue but it turns black on drying. The Rudraksha seed may have 1 to 21 faces.

Rudraksha means the eye of Rudra [Shiva]. It is considered to be the strongest materialization of the Cosmic Force. Hence, Rudraksha has become the object of reverence and also an opportunity to reach the cosmic self. This cosmic bead is believed to be a symbol of the link between the earth and the heaven. The rudraksha beads are actually the Rudraksha fruit’s seeds that obtained from the trees of Rudraksha.

Rudraksha beads string up to make a japa mala, which has potent spiritualism significance in Hinduism. These Rudraksha seeds also serve as a medicine. Rudraksha malas are used as rosaries by Hindus since the 10th century. It is believed to sanctify the mind, soul and body. It is also considered as a very important element in meditation

The number of grooves or faces on their surface of the Rudraksha seed classifies them on the basis of the number of divisions they have. Rudrakshas are said to exhibit different qualities based on the number of faces. A common type of rudraksha has five grooves, and these are considered to be symbolic of the five faces of Shiva. This is known as panchamukhi rudraksha. It can only be worn with a black, red string or a gold chain.

It is believed that wearing and meditating with Rudrakshas helps attain Godlihood. Rudrakshas have a great demand in the online markets. However, you must be careful to select an original Rudraksha. Many trusted href=””>online rudraksha shopping sites sell authenticated Rudrakshas. However, you can test the authenticity of the Rudraksha through water test, cut test, copper coin test or many other scientific techniques.

The easiest technique to identify the real Rudraksha is the water test. The real Rudraksha floats in the water while the fake ones made out of wood soak water.

Here is an important myth busted about Rudraksha. It is a well known hoax that an original Rudraksha has a Shivalingam, Trishul & Om symbol on it, but it is not true. These sacred elements of Lord Shiva must be used as a symbol of purity, godliness and self realisation and not for promotion or show off.

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rudraksha shopping

rudraksha shopping

Rudraksha means the eye of Rudra

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