20 Things That Indicate Someone Is Rich, According To People Online

Published 6 months ago

Curiosity about the lifestyles of the rich often sparks discussions on online forums, and Reddit is no exception. In a recent thread, users shared their insights on the subtle and not-so-subtle signs that someone may be living a financially comfortable life.

From the extravagant to the seemingly mundane, these indicators provide an intriguing glimpse into the world of wealth. Here are some things that, according to the Reddit community, may suggest someone is upper class.

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Image source: anon, Christina Morillo

Clothes without obvious branding, but the patterns/designs match at the seams.


Image source: GillianSeed85, Laura Blanchard

I work in entomology and often have to go to professional conferences and awards ceremonies where people are vying to connect with potential donors. There’s one older lady I always see, and while everyone else is dressed in suits and ties, or formal dresses, she’s dressed like a monarch butterfly. Butterfly earrings, butterfly wings on her back, orange as the setting sun.

If you can dress like a goddamn butterfly in a room full of professionals, you have enough money to not give a s**t about anyone else.


Image source: VegetableMan0_o, Antoni Shkraba

NEVER talking about money.

Talking about money in public is seen as cheap and distasteful.


Image source: IndianKiwi, Flo Dahm

I once had a friend who owned one of the Island off the shore of Istanbul. Never once flaunted his wealth.

On the other hand this new rich kid always showed his new watch or something like that.


Image source: NotYourMommyDear, Andrea Piacquadio

“Back when I was the ambassador to …”

It was at this point I realised I should keep my uncultured mouth shut, refuse alcohol and not delight the people around me with tales of Northern Ireland, especially the ones about incest. Also that maybe wearing a cheap dress from Shein wasn’t one of my better ideas.


Image source: Passtheshavingcream, Marcus Aurelius

Lean and fit when in middle age. Poor people almost always look bad by middle age. This is the biggest giveaway. Also adding not knowing much about their local city as they have no need to venture out of their neighborhoods. And travelling to expensive destinations and staying in branded 5 star hotels each time.


Image source: No-Alarm-4469, Ivan Samkov

Going to a prestigious school despite having mediocre grades.


Image source: MsCardeno, energepic.com

I’ve recently crossed the threshold.

It’s being able to pay for convenience. Skip a line? Yes. One or two steps above general admission/sitting? Yes. Grocery delivery? Of course.


Image source: imcoolmymomsaidso, Greta Hoffman

Being totally unaware of the cost of common items. I remember an interview with Bill Gates years ago and he hadn’t purchased groceries in so long he had zero clue what things cost. I remember they asked him the cost of a box of instant rice and he guessed $20 I think.


Image source: So_spoke_the_wizard, Joerg Mangelsen

Flying private


Image source: tams2332, Clem Onojeghuo

The way someone walks into a room. At least here in the UK, there’s a kind of old money upper class you can just spot as soon as you meet someone. Their level of self-confidence is wholly uninfluenced by their surroundings, it’s just something built-in. No matter the situation, no matter if they make a fool of themselves, they are completely oblivious and unaffected by it.


Image source: Amrywiol, Andrea Piacquadio

I’m British, and it’s interesting reading this thread and seeing what I can only presume are Americans who clearly think being Upper Class and being rich are synonyms and describing behaviours attached to the latter status as being markers of the former.

Upper Class over here means something very different – imagine going for a walk in the countryside and running into some old dude dressed like a tramp and driving a beaten up landrover and having a pleasant conversation with him and then going to the pub in the next village only to have the locals tell you he was the Duke of Barsetshire and his family have been maintaining that land for the last 600 years – that is Upper Class. Those who are genuinely Upper Class may be rich, but they usually don’t show it and definitely don’t go in for conspicuous consumption.


Image source: 9Divines, Tima Miroshnichenko

Not caring how expensive your belongings are, ppl who flaunt wealth aren’t upper class


Image source: MikeSizemore, iiii iiii

My partner and I picked up one of our kids from a play date and the other kids mom commented on my beard because her husband also grows one ‘at the same time’. Confused I asked her if her husband’s beard was seasonal and she explained that he grows one in advance of piloting the yacht to ‘the islands’ but she makes him shave it off after she and the kids have taken the plane to meet him.

I grow mine to keep bits of egg in.


Image source: AdUnfair3836, eberhard grossgasteiger

Talking about going to your lake house, but not in a boastful way… in an I assume everyone has a lake house kind of way.


Being frugal, not cheap, but knowing how, when and where to spend your money

Image source: Sammy_1141


Image source: BountyBobIsBack, Pixabay

No cash but asset rich with a crumbling family home built in the 14th century, that hasn’t been maintained.

Beaten up Range Rover with private number plate.

Family history has so many ‘skeletons in the closet’


People who say they aren’t rich. “We’re comfortable.”

Image source: sleepyxpixelle


Image source: serpentax, Alvin Mahmudov

I teach rich kid preschool. i looked up prices for some of the brand name coats they wore over the last winter and they average around $1000usd. they are 4~5 years old. they’re not gonna fit in those next winter. they don’t realize they’re rich, they’re mostly pretty wonderful kids.


Image source: anon, LRM Exterior

Using the word summer as a verb

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