25 Things That Are Not As Dangerous As You Might Have Thought

Published 2 weeks ago

In the vast and diverse landscape of the internet, Reddit stands as a digital forum where users from all walks of life come together to share their thoughts, experiences, and insights.

Recently, a thought-provoking question surfaced on the platform, sparking a fascinating discussion: “What is something that people perceive as dangerous, but in actuality is pretty safe?” The responses poured in, offering intriguing perspectives that challenge common misconceptions about safety. Scroll below to read some of them.

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Image source: anon, watthhekshudiputhere/reddit

Eating slightly out of date food.


Image source: Tribalbob

Using a sharp knife in cooking. It’s actually far more dangerous to use a dull knife.


Image source: bluegiant85, Enric Cruz López/pexels

Black bears are pretty harmless. They *can* [harm] you, but usually would rather leave you alone.


Image source: truecolors110, Navy Medicine/flickr

Small bubbles in an IV line aren’t going to [unalive] you like the movies. The amount of panicked patients I’ve had is wild.


Image source: Plodderic, Kindel Media/pexels

Being a cop. Logging is over six times more dangerous.


Image source: evilpercy, RF._.studio/pexels

Vaccines. They are extremely safe and effective despite what a very loud few say.


Image source: GrymEdm, Jonathan lajoie/pexels

Wolves. Wolf attacks on people are so rare they have individual entries on the Wikipedia page.


Image source: jonpertwee2, Jim, the Photographer/flickr

Spiders in your house.


Image source: Inside-Bid-1889, Leon Macapagal/pexels

Living in Chicago, I did it for 10 years, still don’t own a bulletproof vest.


Image source: funky_grandma, Emmanuel Ikwuegbu/pexels

My dad is an electrician, and he taught me when I was pretty young how to fix electrical things, so I am always amused at how terrified people are by anything to do with electricity.


Image source: VanManDom, Anastasiya Vragova/pexels

Going in the ocean. Talking to those people afraid of seaweed.


Image source: boxsterguy, Mikhail Nilov/pexels

Changing the brakes on your car. They’re trivially easy to do, don’t require any special tools outside of a torque wrench, and dealer and mechanic prices are outrageous (parts can be found online for a fraction of the dealer price at places like AutoHausAZ, and shop rates for labor are super expensive). It’s pretty hard to screw up, and can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.


Image source: shaka_sulu, Oktavianus Mulyadi/pexels

Bees and wasps. I used to get stung a lot when I was a kid but I learned that if you don’t wave your arms like a lunatic they’ll leave you a lone. Also don’t throw rocks at their nest and you should be okay.


Image source: ProductFinal1910, Markus Distelrath/pexels

Nuclear power.


Image source: ohnoitslemur, Skitterphoto /pexels

Flying on a plane. You are more likely to die in a car crash than a plane crash.


Image source: defunkman, David Garrison/pexels

Anxiety/Panic Attacks. you’ll feel like you’re having a Medical Emergency, but you’re not.


Image source: thinktaj, Nati/pexels

Roller Coasters and Amusement Park Rides: While these rides may seem scary, they are designed with strict safety regulations and are statistically very safe.


Image source: Autistic-Teddybear, Pixabay/pexels

Foxes. For some reason my local fb group ALWAYS seems to post about when they see a fox in town like “careful on your walks”

Do you think foxes EAT PEOPLE????


Image source: DiscoJuneBug, Allan Mas/pexels

Sending your kids outside to play. Go. Outside. It’s good for them.


Image source: smathna, Martin Hearn/flickr

Quicksand. We were misled by ’80s action films. It’s pretty hard to actually die in it.

(Conversely, regular old riptides in the ocean are WAY more dangerous than people think).


Image source: flyover_liberal, Tima Miroshnichenko/pexels

I do risk assessment for a living.

Humans are terrible at assessing risk, in general.


Image source: anon, Guryan /pexels

Movies really do sharks dirty. Wouldn’t say they’re completely safe, but definitely no where near as dangerous as perceived to be.


Image source: MadisonPearGarden, Ksenia Chernaya/pexels

This is kind of a meta answer, but I’ve injured myself a lot more doing stupid projects around the house than I have while on duty in an actual dangerous industrial jobsite. Universally because I didn’t do a proper pre-work analysis and ensure I was using PPE.


Image source: LightyearKissthesky9, Douglas Muth/flickr



Image source: Jconnor35, Charles Parker/pexels

I’m sure other people have said, but trick or treating. Any danger in d***s or razor blades in candy is wildly overblown in actuality I think there have been only one or two instances of someone actually being malicious with their candy handouts.

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